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  1. Pansygirl

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    I have a recheck with my PCP on Monday and I'm trying to decide what to do about my meds or what I should ask my doctor about my meds. :)

    I'm on Elavil and Tramadol.

    I still have sleep issues and I still have pain everyday .
    I also have the numbness almost daily. The tramadol does help with my pain .

    I tried Cymbalta back in June and I wasn't able to take that due to a previous history of a bleeding stomach ulcer.
    I would like to have something else that would help the pain but I wish there weren't so many side effects. :(

    My question is would you try a different drug to help control the pain and what would you take for sleep?

    Is there a different Antidepressant that works better at controlling pain???

    confused, Susan :)
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  2. Iam1ShadyLady

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    Unfortunately, it depends on what your dr is willing to do. I would definately tell your dr that your symptoms are not better. Maybe he can prescribe something for break through pain for the days when tramadol isn't enough? All meds have side effects, it stinks but it's true. Good Luck.

  3. texangal81

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    Klonopin helps me sleep but doctors are hesitant to prescribe it because of its addictive nature. I do best on Vicodin, but again, have yet to find a doctor who is willing to prescribe enough for more than just a few days.

    I refused Elavil, Neurotin, and Lyrica because of the associated weight gain, and that made a few doctors mad so now they think I'm just looking for narcotics. So it is OK to manage your own care and be your own advocate when it doesn't involve narcotics, but if you dare ask for one by name, you get a little red sticker on your chart. Sometimes I get so sick of it I think about moving to Mexico where I can buy it over the counter and just sell jewelry on the beach......

  4. Pansygirl

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    Thank you both for responding to my post.

    I'm hoping my doctor visit will go well and it helps to have the support of this wonderful group. I've learned so much on the in/outs of what to say and what not to say to a doctor.

    One night earlier this week I had a bad flare and I felt like I was being bombarded by pain coming from every direction ~ felt like a firecracker . I had done more than I should have that day and I paid for it. :(

    Gentle hugs, Susan