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    I went to my rheumy today. These are wasted visits as far as my FM but I do get my Vicodin prescription there. Every three months I go in, pay my co-pay, sit down, dr comes in, asks how I am, I tell him not well but surviving, I try to explain the lack of sleep, the major pain, the Vicodin not working very well, and today really tried explaining how bad my neck is. Dr asked if I needed a prescription or could wait and have them call in when I need it, I asked what I should do about the neck, he said lets wait and see how it continues to feel. WHY DOES HE THINK I BROUGHT IT UP... it hurts like hell and I cannot take much more of it. I have been trying to get this "treated" forever it seems. Chiro cannot help (he admitted this because it is so bad) Once you are dx with FM I feel everything is just "poo pooed" away and we are expected to deal with it. I know I should get a new dr but with so many not giving meds I am afraid to take the chance of losing the little and I mean little relief I do get with the Vicodin. Uugh!!! What to do???

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    Hi Janine,
    I know exactly how you feel. I've been having neck problems since I had surgery in July. I kept trying to get an MRI ordered but the Drs. just put me off.
    Finally, I ended up in the hospital in December and my Cardiologist finally ordered one for me. She believed how much pain I was in. I had seen several Drs. for this and obviously they didn't. It's so frustrating.
    Anyway, I have cervical stenosis, bone spurs along with herniated discs. No wonder I have been in so much pain.
    You need to insist they do x-rays. That's the only way to know what is going on.
    I'm sorry you are in so much pain. I hope you can get some answers soon.

    Take care,
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    I agree also and I don't know what to tell you. When we go to new doctors we always risk having one that doesn't "believe" in FMS and then we've wasted the time, energy, worry and money. But, when we have a doctor that *does* "believe", we get put into the corner and treated as a non-entity. This is the case with me; I find that when a doctor hears (or says) the dx. is FMS, he treats me with the standard pain meds and attributes EVERY pain I have to the FMS. They hardly think it could be something acute, as an injury or something. My MRI said that I have spinal stenosis, many bulging discs and joint arthropathy and this is why my PCP took my out of work in November and this is why I am on STD. BUT, when I went to the neuro last week, he said that he didn't think my severe buttock/back/hip/thigh pain was coming from THAT, but from the fibro. (I didn't tell him about the FMS, my husband let is slip) I think he would've said it was the results of the MRI causing the pain if he hadn't learned about the Fibro.
    I hate moving from doctor to doctor, telling "the story" over and over and having the doctors rearrange my meds over and over and over again. After awhile, a person just *has* to find someone who WILL check out EACH pain, each complaint as something totally separate from the Fibro and one who will stay *up* on current treatments of Fibro, too, don't they?? Where are these doctors? I love my PCP~~~I do. He, admittedly, knows little about FMS and he gave me an option as to whether to see a Rheumatologist when the pain started getting bad AND he gave me the option as to whether to see a neurologist about the MRI results. I went to these "specialists" because I truly needed relief and I didn't want to be treated ineffectively; as it turns out, I'd have been better off just to be treated by my PCP. *I* could do the research, myself, and ask for the tests and meds that I think are needed. I *know* he'd go along with this; he always has! It just puts a lot of my healthcare choices and decisions on me and I am not a doctor. I am a nurse and a nurse knows JUST enough to be a pain in the neck for most doctors! I know the doctors don't always like that I do my homework! I research and I carry my black binder notebook into the office with me; mainly to remind me of what meds I take and what tests I've had. It IS a problem, isn't it? My rheumy didn't do test one on me when I went to him the first time. He has since done a couple of labs, but nothing other than a sed rate and an ANA. I told HIM that I thought I had FMS when he saw me the first time and he asked if I'd been reading about it online. I told him I had, so he said we could dispense with all the usual info then. He prescribed Vicodin, Soma, Mobic and Neurontin and gave me another appointment. In his defense, I have to say that he is always available by phone and will call me back personally if I call his office and he will change meds anytime I have a problem with one. He wans't the one who started me on Oxy; that was my PCP when the MRI results came in. I don't know what the Rheumy will think of that!
    Anyway, (I'm rambling)it IS difficult to be seen as something other than a Fibro patient. I had to ask for the MRI, myself, because of the severe pain I was having at the time. WE have to be proactive and take a HUGE role in our healthcare and if a doctor won't allow it, like yours, then another doc HAS to be found. What a pain!
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    I was reading your post and it sounds so much like what has happened to me. I knew when I first started having the pain that I did that I had FM, and have been fighting to get a diagnosis all this time. My pcp is wonderful too, and knew that I had FM but wasnt quite sure what to do with me. I have done so much reading and studying, with my symptoms, medications, etc all charted out so he can see what has been happening with me.

    I finally got up the nerve to tell him I wanted to see someone else, since he wasnt quite sure what to do with me and did what ever I had asked of him and he had no new ideas. So, he finally sent me to the University hospital and to the local "specialist" on FM. I went in, hoping for the best but with the track record for me and doctors, I didnt expect much. I was not disappointed. He looked at my chard (that I had copied every page from and every medication I had been on since day one) and said, "okay, so, do you have any questions about Fibromyalgia" (I finally got him to do a tender point test and had most of the 18). I said "yeah, what can we do", hoping that he would start a great list of things to try that I am SO willing to do. He said "Well Lisa, you are pretty much doing what you should be doing, keep it up" I was like WHAT! I am in pain all the time, my neck hurts horribly (after a car accident I had last November it gets really bad) and I have horrible fatigue. I am only 32!

    So, like you said, I was pushed in the corner and every inch of hurt anywhere dismissed like some piece of trash. Little does he know that I will not tolerate that and I have fired his expert butt! I am again in search of another doctor. I will have to travel but hey, its worth it. There are doctors out there who will try to find out what to do, find a solution for us, and move forward with positive results...instead of being comfie with the FM label and popping every pill that is thrown at me.

    Good luck to you all....I hope we all find the answers, one way or another.