Dr. Weil *wrong**????

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    In a recent email update from immunesupport.com, Dr. Andrew Weil, purported guru for natural healing, is promoting several compounds for their anti-inflammatory properties and recommends them for FMS. Have I missed something? Everything I've ever read states FMS is NOT an inflammatory condition, and in fact, anti-inflammatory medications are usually useless. I will be searching for an email address for Dr. Weil, himself, to ask him about this apparent condtradition, but in the meantime, does anyone else share my opinion? Also, does this not cast a light of doubt on other stuff listed in "immunesupport.com"?
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    Hi Crashcart,

    Could be he IS wrong, but he MIGHT be right, too. The point being, that this is HIS opinion. As long as the causes of FMS remain undetermined, all ANY doctor can do is offer his best medical opinion. And ANY good doctor with an interest in treating this DD is going to develop his own protocol for treating FMS, based on his own research and experiential findings.

    I would guess that Dr. Weil has had some success with treating patients he knew to have FMS with this regimen, or else he would not have written such in a book. I think it's like any other FMS guru, such as Dr. Devin Starlanyl: she developed the "Guifenesen protocol", as did/with another Dr. whose name escapes me. But, does the gui treatment work for everyone? Nope. I would bet that Dr. Weil's protocol enjoys a similar rate of sucess - or failure.

    As for listing by Immunesupport.com - take it as it's meant(i THINK) to be: as information, and/or a jumping off point to your own research.

    If you don't trust what you find there, do more research. While in school, my instructors made the claim: If you see it once(one source), it is an opinion. If you see it twice, it's worth checking farther. If you see it three times, it becomes fact, though doesn't necessarily prove true in every case.

    Good luck in your searching,
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    By docs considered experts in our illnesses. Many are contridictory and many I do not agree with.

    I believe that for the most part, anti-inflammatories are not useful for the worst of our pain; however, some of us also have inflammatory conditions in addition to our FMS/CFIDS. I also believe that at any site where there is pain, there is the possibility of inflamed tissue.

    A few people here do get some pain relief from NSAIDS and other anti-inflammatory meds, including the Cox-2 Inhibitors. I have read more posts from people who do not get much relief from these, including me. I do think that many rheumies are so used to using these meds that they like to try them for us. I also think the ignorance about opiods is a roadblock for many docs in prescribing these meds. I think pain specialists are a better choice if one cannot get relief from pain.

    Love, Mikie
  4. I do think all drs have differing opinions, years ago when I was first diagnosed with this dd I was told by a reputable internist that fibro was caused by an inflammation somewhere in your body. Then they sort of changed their opinion and said it wasn't. At least its good, if more drs. gave their opinions maybe one day they will figure out what causes this dd!! Crossing my fingers !