DR wrote letter to unemp but don't know if it will work.

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    I went to dr to speak to her personally but she wouldn't see me. One of the office personel told me they faxed it before I got there and gave me a copy of it. Told me dr said that's all she will give me. If she says anything else it would be fraud. Said something about disability papers. I told her those was not dis. papers but unemployment papers and it was 2 separate issues. She would not use the word release. This is what she said."Is not able to work any job with any hours of prolonged sitting,standing or any heavy lifting and stooping. If private care does not contain any of the above listed duties,she can do the work. Don't know if it's gonna work cause I'm too upset and scared to call them so guess I'll wait for the letter to see.

    Spoke with a SSD representative Wed and she said alot of her cases are FM and that SSA is recognizing it more all the time. Said she had been successful with it. Seem to know alot about it. Said one of her professors had it and because of that she has done extensive research on it. She sent me papers for the dr to fill out strictly about FM when I get ready to file,just a few ??. I think I'll use her since she seems to know alot about it.

    I forgot to ask her why she bills herself as a representative and not an attorney. What do you think of this and would that be a good idea for me??

    Thank you guys for all your input. It sure does help me since I have noone else to talk to. Keke
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    I had an "advocate" reprsent me, not a lawyer. She use to work for SS so she knew what question's they would want to know.

    My regular GP would NOT fill out paperwork for SS, I had to go see a Rhuemetologist ( which SS want's you to do anyway) and he filled out the SS paperwork.

    I won my case by the way for FM. It is reconised now. In the past many people with FM had to win on depresssion, but not anymore.;)

    I was denied 2 times before I won, had to go before a judge with my advocate, I hear that is standard.

    Best wishes,

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    I don't know what it takes for unemployment, for SSD you would qualify for sure with what your doctor said. If you cannot sit or stand or lift for prolong periods of time you absolutely qualify.
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