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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by quilp, Dec 2, 2006.

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    I have had CFS for a almost twelve years. Two years ago I went to see a Chinese acupuncturist, a specialist in TCM. She told me to cut out all sugary foods, and move towards a higher protein diet. Within a week the stomach pains went and never came back even during relapses. That sickly painful unpleasant feeling went with it too. I still feel excruciating pain during bad relapses, but in effect she has taken a nasty edge of this illness, simply by changing my diet.
    I pass a lot of wind, the stools are always very smelly ( sorry for those of you reading this whilst gourging yourselves on food....)so she gave me some herbs. Within three weeks I have stopped passing wind etc, but what is amazing is that I can now read, watch TV, go on the net for hours at a time. I no longer sweat like I did and I don't feel any pain anymore. I am still not 100%, but I believe for the first time in 12 years that I will one day be 100%.
    I honestly believe that all of us can achieve a modicum of improvement with the right help; all too often the GP turns us away and says that nothing can be done for us, condemning us to find our way in the dark whilst suffering the most awful pain.
    I don't know what this herbal mixture is but I asked her for the contents and here goes :-

    Huang Bai
    Huang Qin
    Lian Qiao
    JinYin Hua
    Shan Zha
    Hou Po
    Sheng Di Huang
    Sheng Jiang
    Bai Zhu
    Chi Ghao
    Hua Jiao.

    All my love for all those suffering. I just hope one day we can make it. Life is hard enough without this DD
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    Firstly let me say that it seems that I have a B12 problem, and possibly one or two other problems mentioned in the test at Great Smokies.
    I would say I was a six out of ten ( at best ), but during the first year of the illness I was at worst a zero. I never thought a human being could suffer so much without dying. Most of the time I would say I was a five, with a three during a bad relapse.
    I would say that I am 8, possibly 8.5. For example last week I worked very hard physically for three days and then on the Friday, came home, got washed and changed, went for a meal, then caught a film with my wife. On the Saturday morning I felt fine, and felt no pain or discomfort during the Friday itself. That has never been possible for me before. In fact on the Sunday I went for a walk, and actually jogged for a hundred yards, which is a major breakthrough for me. However I can't do this every day. I am very very cautious. I still believe I have my limits, but those limits just got wider.
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    I, also, have been helped by Chinese medicine. Infortunately, I can't go on a high protein diet because I'm also a Diebetic, but the herbs and Acupuncture treatments have almost eliminated my fibro pain, and it is wonderful to read again, and be able to remember what I read.

    Best wishes for your continued improvement.
  4. quilp

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    Glad to hear of your good news Terry. I too hope you continue to improve. Lets hope and pray that we can all get better. Good news stories like yours give me hope for the future.
    Mark x
  5. elliespad

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    Very happy for your improvement. We always need to hear of remedies that REALLY Help AND are natural. Please keep us updated on your progress. Serves as a good reminder.
  6. ultrafeel

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    Quilp, you said:
    "I would say I was a six out of ten ( at best)..."

    doesn't this mean you have already recovered quite a bit?

    People usually feel at about 2 or maximum 3 for many years.
    Sometimes when they crash, they feel like dying (1!)

  7. quilp

    quilp New Member

    Yes I have made slow but steady progress from the end of the first year onwards. I was 24 when I first became ill, perhaps my body was able to recover to an extent.
    Trust me when I was at my worst I used to wake up after 12 hours solid sleep feeling as though I'd been badly beaten up. I have would something to eat and then go back to sleep for another four hours. I was in a lot of pain and believed myself to be dying.

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