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    Hi all. I haven't posted in awhile because I've been feeling SO crappy...if I do get a spurt of energy, well...you know how it goes!

    Please read below...I hope the results are not just a coincidence, please tell me what you think!

    I know there has been a LOT of talk about B12 and B complex injections. I am just wondering if anyone has noticed a dramatic difference when both are used together or IF anyone uses both together.

    I was so deperate a few weeks ago with such severe nonfunctioning fatigue, I thought, "What the heck, I'm going to give myself the B12 inj and the B complex inj at the same time. (Had been so nauseated couldn't swallow vits anyway) Wow! DRAMTIC differance within a few hours. I was up and doing things like a normal person! LOL!

    I thought this is just a coincidence, but it lasted a few days and pooped out again. The following week I did the same thing....sure enough my energy level rose and so did my mental functioning...felt so "evened out" the next day.

    OK....I know this is long but....
    Yesterday, I was shaking, severly fatigued, panic attack r/t pain yada, yada....I decided to go ahead again with the B injections (both)to see if it would help, Low and behold about 4 hours later I was completely turned around...doing dishes even!

    I am wondering if anyone else has tried both types of B injections at the same time (I used to alternate) I still am not positive, but seriously am beginning to wonder if this could be making a dramtic differance.

    NOTE: B12 were good, but the differance was once I started adding the B complex also at the same time.

    Anyone out there try this?

    Susan B
  2. 2BPainfree

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    Really want to know if anyone else has tried this!
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    I want to try this. One question I have asked that has not gotten answered, can I buy these injections on my own or do I have to go to a DO for them? I heard of people having them to take on their own at home but want to know where they get them. I would prefer to get them on my own somewhere because I cannot afford a holistic doctor. My supplements alone cost me a small fortune.
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    This would be a prescription because it is a injectable medication. If you have never given injections before, someone will need to teach you OR your local Doctor's office could give the injections for you. Do you have a doctor who would be willing to prescribe?

    Most doctors that I have seen have the b12 right there in the office. Most would'nt even hesitate to give B12 injections for their Patients if asked.(I'm a nurse) also did home health for years and the B12 was a common thing ordered for homebound people.

    The injectable B vits come in multidose vials, you will also need the syringes if you plan to do this yourself. I asked for a RX for both a vial of B12 and a vial of Bcomplex.

    Beleive it or not the inj vitamins are not very expensive, and work Wayyyyy better than oral B vits. The thing I have noticed is combining the same day for both B12 and Bcomplex. I read somewhere the B12 works much better if the B6 is available. One Doctor said to me "why not just stick with the complex it has B12 in it?" I feel there is not nearly enough b12 in a complex for what we need. Also beware most Docs will say you only need the inj once a month. Bolony! The only way I have had a profound difference is with taking it at least twice a week. (Some people take it daily!)

    Good luck! Hope things work out for you.
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    I mentioned to my PCP about trying the B12. I don't have my CFS diagnosis yet but very close. She wants to send me to a Rheumy. I guess I could ask the Rheumy. There is a local supermarket that gives out B2 injections every Saturday I guess I could start there. My PCP doesnt want to give me the B12 because she said my blood count for B12 was fine which means extra B12 wouldnt do anything for me. Sigh
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    Maybe you can show her some of the reports from FM and CFS researchers/doctors... many reports are in the library here even.

    I think it may have been Dr. Rosenbaum who recently did an article that states your blood levels of B12 are likely to be normal even when the levels are low in the brain and tissues! He is BIG on B vits and gives infusions of them in his office often weekly for many of his patients
    (many who swear by them from what I hear!)

    I wonder if you will get anywhere with your rheum as far as these supplements go. I have yet to hear of one who supports supplements or gives them. Often the PCP is the one who helps out with these, you just have to find one who is willing.

    At least you can get them at the locally... I didn't know these injections could be given without a RX. Makes sense tho, flu shots are often given in drug stores!

    Hope things work out for you!
  7. lea

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    Hi Susan:

    I would appreciate knowing the dosage and how many ML you took of the B-12 and B-Complex? Also, is the B-complex a compound?
    Thank you in advance
  8. 2BPainfree

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    Right now I am taking 1cc= 1,000mcg of B12 cyanocobalamine
    and 1cc of a B complex....2-3 times a week depending on how I feel. This complex has all the essential B vits in it if thats what you are referring too.

    From what I have been reading it is essential to take a B complex at least oraly, when taking B12 injections.

    B6 is extremely important and facilitates the B12. Daily folic acid is also recommended. I did NOT notice a difference before like I am now when I was only taking the B12...now I know why!

    I can't believe the results I'm having....I just am praying it's not a coincidence! The effects for me have been lasting 2 1/2 days at a time. The first day it takes about 4 hours to really kick in although I can feel it (and taste it) right away. The second day I feel like I am on a total even plane, happy, energetic and NOT DEPRESSED! The third day I usually begin to crash and go back to the old feelings.

    From what I read this morning Dr. Cheney said the B injections usually last 2-3 days for his patients so I think I am on the right track. He uses from 1,000mcg (not to be mistaken for mg) up to 5,000mcg 3 times a week for his patients with chronic fatigue.

    He has an article in the library here called using vit B-12 for the managment of CFS, I recommend you look it up. He also explains why blood levels can be normal but you can still be severly deficient in the brain and cells. He also said he has seen that the red blood cells actually begin to heal themselves with this therapy. He believes with chronic fatigue the B12 can'not pass the cell membrane in a normal way, thus creating problems.

    As I have been searching other resources for info I am finding they all say B12 should always go together with a B complex....I just haven't seen anyone yet who is doing both injections together, or I should say, on the same day. I plan to call Dr. Cheney's clinic or E-mail him to ask this question.

    I'm very excited. Even to have just had a break from this horrible fatigue has been a blessing (4 times in the last two weeks!) I pray this continues to help and may be something the in the future that can help more people.
    Hope- hope- hope- it lasts!

    The only thing I have noticed is some bladder irritation, but that may be coincidence...I get interstitial cystitis from time to time, but vits can set it off. If thats the trade off tho, it's worth it to me!

    Hope this helps some. This may not be the answer for everyone, but it certainly couldn't hurt to check into it!
    Better than all these Docs who won't try anything!!

    Susan B

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    Why don't you print the letter by dr. Cheney and take it to your Doctor to show her it's not uncommon to have normal serum B12 levels but still be deficient!

  10. lea

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    Hi Susan:

    Thanks for your informative reply. Hope you do continue to feel better.
    I don't know if I missed it, but is the B-complex a compound or just a regular prescription? And, is it a brand or generic?
    thank you in advance
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    Suspension in a vial. I thought it was prescription but have seen it all over the internet from health vit places.

    I would still go with the prescription from your Doc tho if possible, then they will give you the syringes at the same time. The pharmacy will be sure to give a good brand.
    There are no generics...just straight up vitamins by different manufactures.

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    Hi Susan,
    I've been taking B-12 injections for some time. 1 cc, once a week, in the rear and have been considering trying B Complex. My doctor says the B 12 should be given intramuscular not subcutaneous but she also says anything more than once a month is a waste. So I'm wondering if I couldn't just take the B 12 in the stomach since I take it once a week that way I wouldn't have to rustle up someone to stick me in the behind. Also-- how about the B complex, should it be given intramuscular as well OR couldn't I just use 1 cc subcutaneously in the stomach/thigh? Both at the same time? Both 1cc once a week? What do you think?

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    Oooops-- Susan, I'm new here so could you please answer my B complex questions (where, how much, how often) via email until I familiarize myself with the logistics of the message boards?

    Thanks, I really appreciate your help!