Draw Nigh To God (song)

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    Here is another song that came to me when I was 19 years old.

    Draw Nigh To God


    Draw nigh to God
    And He'll draw nigh to you
    Humble youself unto Him
    And He will lift you up.

    Why are you running
    From the one who can save you
    You'll never get anywhere
    If you run from Him
    If you run from Him.

    Jesus died on Calvary for you
    Because He loves you so
    He will give you eternal life
    If you go His way
    If you go His way.

    For we all have sinned
    Which the wages is death
    But He will save them
    That will come to Him
    That will come to Him.


    I hope you enjoy it. I will be back this evening. May the Lord bless you and keep you each day.

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    But now I have to play the guitar...

    Hi Dixie,

    Thanks for your post. I like it. I wish I can let you all hear the songs, but it is not possible now. Since I have more time, I can work on the songs. I am quite rusty on them. I haven't practice for awhile. So maybe in the future if I record them, then I can get the songs out for others to hear them. That is something to pray about. I thought of doing more earlier when I wrote them, but I didn't know what to do, or even was incouraged to do so. So they sat for years. With the internet, I have been able to get them out, and used for God's glory. For now it has to be words.

    I have written a draft to a new poem a few hours ago. When it is done, I will post it. It is a start for idea for a new website that I will create. The theme will be what I learned from the Book of Psalms, and what David went through, and how he trusted the Lord. I won't be able to post the address, but will share things that I had put on it. I want to stick with the rules. This is rolling around in my head right now with excitement. Now I got to get to work on it.

    Thank God for His goodness.