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    I have an appointment to see my new physician in two weeks. He told me at my first appointment that he wouldn't hassle me about my weight at that visit but I could count on it the next visit. He had recommended the Atkins diet and a growth hormone supplement. Well, I discovered many of the foods on the Atkins diet that I liked were full of sodium. I can't eat a lot of sodium or I get all puffy and it effects my BP. The growth supplement he suggested had L-arginine in it and I was not going to chance making my condition worse. I know I haven't lost much weight if any and I don't feel like having him hassle me. At least I can say that I haven't gained any weight so that is good. Life is such a hassle sometimes!
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    I was on the lo carb hi protien diet for 11 months & did lose some weight - I didn't have much to lose, but went on it with my husband so I didn't have to cook 2 meals. I just found out about a week ago that my body is very acidic (I barely changed the color of the litmus paper). I don't know how it was before the diet, but alot of things on the diet are acidic foods. I've gone off it now & am trying to eat alkaline foods to get balanced again.

    Maybe another kind of diet - even cutting back on calories & exercising would make your doc happy & you might even lose some #'s. Focus on the positive - you haven't gained.

    The growth hormone supplement I can't comment on since I know nothing about it.

    Hope you find the diet you're looking for.

    Take care.....Kathi
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    I dread my doctor visits also. They always manage to say something to make me feel worse about myself and Fm. My husband has been on the Atkins for two years. He lost 60 pds within the first 8 monthes he was on it. Now he is on maintenance and he loves that diet. I`ve gone on it and lose as long as I can stay on it but I`m not that big a meat eater so I never last long. One thing we noticed with the high sodium food though is if you drink a lot of water with it, it tends to flush that out of your system.

    If you don`t like Atkins you might like Suzanne Summers. That somewhat similiar but not as restrictive. You can eat a lot of fruit and carbs if combined right. I lost 15 pds on SZ and I felt good on it, not hungry all the time and very energic.
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