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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Kathleen12, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. Kathleen12

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    Do any of you know of a site where I can get a basic dream interpretaion for free or low cost? I have visited a few sites and looked up the symbols and common themes, but none fit into the disturbing dream I had last night.
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    I'd be interested in finding a site like that also.

    I hope your dream was just stress or fatigue and not some turmoil you are going through.

  3. Kathleen12

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    I would hope also that it is just due to fatigue....but I KNOW it is stress/turmoil related. I HATE disturbing dreams...I tend to think about them for days afterward.

    If you find anything Please let me know!
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    I had a doozy last night I dreamt that I had given birth to 12 babies, 10 boys and 2 girls. I was also breast feeding them 6 one day and 6 the next. Dh was feeding formula to the six that weren't on the breast. Super weird. Thank goodness it was only a dream.
    Better sleep to you tonight.
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    Hi Kathleen,

    I belong to a spiritual organization called Eckankar. One of the books they carry is called "Past Lives, Dreams, and Soul Travel." Another is called "Stories of Past Lives, Dreams and Soul Travel".

    I don't know if the spiritual perspective of Eckankar is something you would find interesting, but they do offer a couple of free introductory books. One is called
    "Eckankar, Ancient Wisdom for Today". The other is "Is Life a Random Walk?" Reviewing one of these books would be a no-cost way of checking to see if you feel a harmony with these teachings.

    They can either be downloaded or they will be sent to you by the Eckankar Spiritual Center located in the Twin Cities.

    Best to you as you try to understand the meaning of your dreams.

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    Your dream made me laugh!!! After I gave birth to my twins years ago, I had a similar dream. I dreamed that I was in the delivery room, and the doctor would say, "Okay push" and I would push out a baby and then he would put the baby on a shelf in the delivery room and then he would say "Okay push" again and again, and I'd keep pushing out babies and he'd keep putting them on the shelves until there were literally hundreds of them. I spoke to my friend about this dream--she's a therapist--and after a good laugh about it, she said it simply meant that I was overwhelmed after giving birth to two babies. I think that may be the meaning behind your dream as well. Something in your life may be overwhelming you and it manifested itself in the form of a humorous dream. Go figure--the human psyche is a complicated mechanism.

    Hugs and laughs--Laura
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  8. Kathleen12

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    Bevy....It reminds me of a few hounds we used to have...HUGE litters!

    Khalyal....Thanks for the link. I reviewed it and it looks intersting.

    Waynsrythem....I find all that stuff really fascinating, but unfortunatley I can't download much of anything on dial-up...LOL. But I will look into finding some of these books. Thanks.
    Wayne...thank you for the info there, but I posted about my fascination before I read anything on this group. I do not think that his teachings are really for me though. But again, thank you for the suggestion any way. Not all beliefs are for all people and that is why I'm proud to be a citizen in a nation where we can believe in any faith.[This Message was Edited on 03/18/2008]
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    My daughter purchased for me a book entitled, 'The Everything Dreams Book--What Your Dreams Mean And How They Effect Your Everyday Life' (2nd edition) by Jenni Kosarin. It is very informative and can shed light on the meaning of lots of dreams, the benefits of sleep therapy, and many (over 700) dream themes are actually defined in the book. I've found it very informative since I dream so much. You may be able to find it at your local library. The price on the book (it's a large softcover) is $14.95. Hope it helps!!!