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    Whenever I dream, I feel much better. I stopped dreaming as a teenager and had a few dreams when I was in my 20's. What I have found out is that certain foods affect my dream senses... vague dreams will mean poor health to me. From Internet resources (DreamMoods and other sites), I have read that "Dreams are indispensable. A lack of dream activity can mean protein deficiency or a personality disorder." Protein and B vitamins form brain neurotransmitters which create positive moods.

    Here is what affects my dreaming:

    Protein levels, and these foods in particular create very vivid dreaming for me:
    Pot roast
    Goat milk
    Milk (only if not allergic)
    Kidney beans
    Sunflower seeds
    Feta cheese
    Pepper jack cheese (vivid dreaming, but it does have saturated fat)
    Parsley (VERY VIVID DREAMING and is an adrenal booster, kidney cleaner, and digestion booster).
    Garlic (raw) (VERY, VERY VIVID DREAMING!)

    Cabbage, green (I don't know yet about red cabbage) VIVID DREAMING
    When I was a child I HATED green cabbage. We didn't have much food much of the time and I would rather starve than eat that. It was very inexpensive and when we could not afford kefir, red bell peppers, dulse, and other treats, we had green cabbage as a standby with other bulk food on hand. If only I had eaten it. I feel so much better when I eat green cabbage, and I dream vividly. I ate it as an adult because I was purposefully rotating my food, trying to get over the foods I hated as an experience of rounding out my life and not being like the people I took care of, who had set preferences in their food and were very ill. Green cabbage gives me HUGE bowel movements!!!

    Other factors in my dreaming are:
    If my stomach has emptied out between meals or if it is just sitting there.
    The level of water in my body (this affects serotonin and melatonin how it gets into the brain via the blood-barrier).
    Waiting until I get sleepy before going to bed, rather than forcing myself to go to bed at a specific time.
    Carrot-celery-beet-cucumber juice gave vivid dreaming.
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  3. tigerlily787

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    I would think more people would have been interested in this topic.
    Consistently, when I have relapsed, I stop dreaming. I have found it to be a nutritional issue.
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    What has helped me which obviously does not necessarily mean everyone has it, is that I got a proper sleep diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnea. The more I use it, the more I seem to go into deep sleep and dreaming since my sleep is not interrupted.

    It has helped the pain with the FM but I still have bad bouts of it as well as the exhaustion. I still have some sleep issues with pain or RLS interupting my sleep. But I have certainly seen improvement and I had no idea how dangerous sleep apnea is to your health.

    The Nuvigil keeps me more active, relatively speaking, so I sleep better.

    However, before the CPAP, I could take Provigil and then sleep for six or more hours.

    So while nutritional advice is helpful and a good diet is important, it will not cure you of any disease.

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    Gives me very, very vivid dreams.

    I don't get many dietary choline sources, and it is an essential nutrient. I take it as a supp, but only partial doses, since the typical 1200 mg. softgel (phosphatidylcholine) leaves me quite depressed for several days. Psychomotor slowing, flat affect, no motivation, the whole 9 yards.

    And depressed with very vivid dreams. Talk about an oxymoron.

    Tigerlily, I notice that some items on your food list contain choline ... tho' not all ...

    Best wishes.

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