Drink mineral water to remove aluminum

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    Look up Dr. Christopher Exley. He is a professor and researches aluminum. According to Dr. Exley aluminum causes immunity problems. Aluminum is added to foods, vaccines. It's everywhere and causing health problems. To remove aluminum from your body all you need to do is drink silica rich mineral water everyday. The brand he recommends and he has been using is called Volvic. It comes from France. You probably won't be able to find it in stores here so easy but you can order it online. There are a couple more brands of mineral water that he has been using in his research but they are very hard to find. He also says that you can't add silica to water to get the same effect or take silica in supplement form.
    Dr. Exley has a video online from the Vaccine Safety conference and you can hear him discuss the problems with human's using aluminum.

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    but I've never bought it, maybe I'll get a couple bottles and check it out.

    I've used silica drops over the years but not recently.

    I'm now using pH drops daily in my water and coffee and foods to make the water more alkaline vs acidic...keeping the body more alkaline is important too....the more acid the more pain. I buy Body Rescue pH drops and LOVE them in liquids and also use more lemon juice to alkalize...
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    Jamin give the Volvic a try. I know some health food stores carry it. I order mine online and it's delivered for free if you order more than $25.00 dollars worth.
    It's nice to have it come right to my door because that stuff is heavy.

    Dr. Exley tests the urine of his subjects to measure the amount of aluminum that is being excreted and Volvic is the main water he is using. Spritzer is another brand that works but it is very hard to find. He said that adding silica to water does not work and using silica in supplement form does not work.

    It's good to know that doing something so simple as drinking mineral water can flush aluminum from our body's.

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    of Volvic Water today, very very good. And a high pH content...a tad pricey to use all the time. I buy all my water, so will buy it from time to time to fill in. $2.59 for the quart. The water is really cool in temperature and most likely due to the minerals....

    thanks for this good tip....jam

    PS: I had an unusual BM this morning, I drank 1/2qt Volvic last evening and could this be a detox reaction....not a bad thing but different...maybe aluminum coming out of my body....

    Any comments Iamwell.....jam[This Message was Edited on 05/18/2012]
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    Jam thanks for reporting any symptoms you are having and yes they could be from the aluminum leaving your body. I'm very interested in any improvements or reactions you have while drinking Volvic water. It is pricey but worth it to get this metal out of our bodies.

    Dr. Exley says he gets inquiries from parents who's children have taken the HPV vaccine and had problems afterwards and they are reporting improvements after drinking Volvic for six months to a year. It takes time to get rid of the aluminum so give it a few months at least. The brain, heart and bones store aluminum and hold on to it longer than other organs. Some people don't excrete aluminum as much as others.

    I get my Volvic for $40.00 for 24 1 liter bottles with free shipping.

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    great price, could you tell me where you get this great price...I may buy that deal, but in the meantime I'll pick up a few bottles locally....

    I'm forever charging for new supps, etc....always trying new "stuff"....jam
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    all this so called "fluoride" that's added to the U.S. water supply comes from smelters and aluminum industry plants and is a waste by product of these industries....it's known as hydrafluorsilic acid....the polluters call it fluoride.....it's waste....

    And a major crime to the population.

    I'll be getting more Volvic water as I felt good drinking it. And I did seem to get a detox going on with the BM issue.
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    discount on case of 12 1.5 liter bottles....

    I'd still like to hear about the $40 for 24 bottles....where are they available at that price...thanks jam
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    You can get Volvic at Amazon. Delivery is free if you buy over $25.00 dollars.

    Sorry it took a couple of days to respond I haven't been on the computer for a couple of days.

    It really is hard to avoid aluminum in our environment in this day and age because as Dr. Exley says this is the age of aluminum.

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    went to WFoods for a couple things and was going to buy a couple bottles before I decided to buy a case, and a 1.5 litre bottle normally is $2.69 and until May 30, they are on sale for $2 and this goes for case too with a 20% discount on case....so

    I got a great 12 bottles for $19.20!!!!

    This water spoils one since it is such a high quality and doing good things for our bodies too.

    Thanks so much, Iamwell. jam

    Another thought, I buy Crystal Geyser and SmartWater for my daily drinking bottle water, and these waters are "dead" compared to the Volvic, pretty amazing. [This Message was Edited on 05/21/2012]
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    My concern is drinking out of all that plastic. I avoid plastic like the plague. Also, why wouldn't silica drops work just as well? FYI, Fiji brand water also has a lot of silica in it and that's in gas station marts. Oats have almost 600 mg of silica per 100 grams. Why isn't that a valid source? I would be more comfortable getting silica from food than plastic bottled water. Am I missing something?
  12. jaminhealth

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    I'm not wild about plastic either BUT tap water in MOST cities is horrid stuff.....if one can have an RO system etc then that would be good..... but I'm a huge anti fluoride activist and that is my major issue and also chlorine in tap water......these fluorides thrown in our tap waters comes from the waste of many aluminum smelters and fertilizer plants....

    I have a long thread on the Fluoride industry here on this PH board.....

    So we pick our poisons.......jam
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    The thought of all those plastic bottles makes my head spin. Plastic is wreaking havoc on our health, too. Reverse osmosis would be better than bottled water; you'd make your money back in no time! Sure, you'd lose the silica, but maybe a moot point if the aluminum is gone, too :)

    Also, is eating food with silica just as good? Or has that not been researched?
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    Your head spins with plastic, my head spins with fluoride...I don't have the MEANS to RO my apt water...if one can do it in their homes, good for them....we do our best.

    Re-reading this thread, I fell off buying Volvic but will resume if I can....I liked it a lot.
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    Why not? You can buy a sink model and take it with you! Not trying to be antagonistic, but why not just eat some oats? They have WAY more silica in them than water. Aluminum and fluoride are not just the enemy; plastic is just as bad and more researched as so.
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    For one thing I'm avoiding grains, oats are a grain, right? Buying a sink model is not in my budget, and yes I'd love to have a fluoride free shower filter and not in my budget either...... RO is dead water and we need to make sure we add minerals to our waters.....as I said, we choose what we can do. And I don't love the plastic world, believe me.
  17. ehoneybee

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    Here are some food options. I agree about RO, just thought you were a proponent b/c you seemed to lament that you couldn't have one.

    • Banana (yellow, peeled), 250g - 13.60mg
    • Raisin (California seedless), 100g - 8.25mg
    • Mineral water (high silica), 500mL - 7.23mg
    • Green beans (cooked), 250g - 6.10mg
    • Carrot (raw, peeled), 200g - 4.58mg
    • Mineral water (regular) - 3.44mg