Drinking From My Saucer

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  1. I'm sure a lot of you have seen this, but I wanted to post it for those who have not.
    much love,

    <center><font size"2" color="blue"><b>DRINKING FROM MY SAUCER
    I've never made a fortune
    and it's probably too late now
    But I don't worry about that much
    I'm happy anyhow
    And as I go along life's way
    I'm reaping better than I sow
    I'm drinking from my saucer
    Cause my cup has overflowed

    Haven't got a lot of riches
    and sometimes the going's tough
    But I've got loving ones around me
    and that makes me rich enough
    I thank God for his blessings
    and the mercies He's bestowed
    I'm drinking from my saucer
    'cause my cup has overflowed

    O, Remember times when things went wrong
    My faith wore somewhat thin
    But all at once the dark clouds broke
    and sun peeped through again
    So Lord, help me not to gripe
    about the tough rows that I've hoed
    I'm drinking from my saucer
    "Cause my cup has overflowed

    If God gives me strength and courage
    When the way grows steep and rough
    I'll not ask for other blessings
    I'm already blessed enough
    And may I never be too busy
    to help others bear their loads
    Then I'll keep drinking from my saucer
    "Cause my cup has overflowed</b></center>

  2. Cactuslil

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    I had not read that but I really do like it! I think I will print it out and put it on the fridge! Love Lil'
  3. willow

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    Thanks for taking the time to put that up on the board. A young man (about 19 or 20) sings this at our church. He gives his testimony often, not in detail, just that as a teenager he 'went astray' and was hanging with the wrong crowd. He is a great example of God's Grace!
    Love and Prayers, Willow
  4. Harmony

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    Thanks Pam for sharing this. I have heard it before and it means more to me each time I read it. What a great reminder of the blessing we do have in the Lord. Nothing in this world, material riches, compares to what He has done for us. If we would only remember this when things get tough.
  5. teacher

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    I love this! It has been set to music. I've heard a man named Michael Combs sing it. He's found in the Southern Gospel section of the store. It's gooooooood!

  6. RoseTx

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    Thanks so much. This is great. I think it would look great on my Fridge. Hugs, Rose