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    I was not thinking straight when I was filling out the form to renew my drivers license. I thought since I had a handicaped plackard in my car and was on SSDI I had to put down my disability, So I did. Then I got a leter that wanted my doctor to rate my disability, he did but really screwed it up and made it unacceptalbe to the drivers license division. I maked that my disabilty is arthritis, which i do have but it also was the closet to fibro and cmp. I wrote all my meds, and signed it , I gave it to my doctor to rate my disability which he did. I was given a rating of 2 meaning that I could drive NO problem but the he on his own added another issue. Chronic pain meds use, and gave me an 8 rating NO DRIVING. This came as a complete shock, I have been going to this doctor for over 4 yrs, he knows that I drive , I have never hid that from him. I told him I drive my 83 yr old mom to her medical appointments, up town shopping, ect. I also have told him that I don't drive on days where I feel exhusted or really fatiqued, this feeling ususally happens in the morning and lasts most of the day. So when I feel that was I don't drive and I have more than once mad my mom mad becasue I did n't feel safe to drive or I had taken a pain pill.
    I talked with my oldest daughter who works for the dmv and knows what needs to be on the rateing form, the one my doctor filled out is null and void adn unacceptable as he added his own catorguory, my daughter called his office to find out if he was willing to let me take a drivers test. This would take away his libality as well as the states and put it on me. But by saying no driveing I can't even take a drivers test to have some one take me out and check how I drive, ask me questions about how long I have been on meds, how do I feel , what would I do if I were suddenly too tired, ect. I don't drive till afternoon 2pm or later, I don't drive long distances and I hate driveing at nights the lights blind me.
    So I have an appointment with my doctor tuesday and I am takeing my two daughters who really don't want to be stuck driveing me around and my mom, one has a new baby , the othere works full time. and the youngest has 3 kids one is only 4 months old. and she lives in Layton Ut over an hours drive away.
    My girls and I have talked about this appointment and I did ask them to go with me as long as they were not going to suggest me stopping all my meds, or going in to rehab, that would only make me live with pain that is so bad I can't function. The doctors thing is I have filled my meds every 30 days like clockwork so when I say that I drive after 2-3 pm and did not take my morning mscointin 100 mg that morning and no soma. just a 30 mg msir a quick acting meds. He feels that if he lets me drive and I hit some one he will be blamed adn lose his license or have to go to court. but by giving me the chance to take a driver test and letting the driver;'s license people drive with me , watching how I drive, letting me know that I may have to take more than one driving test. This lets the state say y es you can drive but don't drive after dark, or long distance driveing. He has that power to request that I drive between the hours of 12 noon -dark. and no long distance driveing. Then when I take the driveing test all this will be checked and if I try to kill the instructor I will not be getting my license.
    My girls want to talk to the doctor alone after we have talked to gether. They are not going to suggest that I go in to rehab because they know that I need some pain meds to be able to have a better quality of life. They want to ask him why is it that in the years he has seen me, I was the one that had to ask to have him lower my mscontin from 4 100 mgs pills to 2 daliy. I did this in less than two years. I have asked to see him more often but was told that there was nothing he could do for me other than just treat my pain, no pt, no swimming class's, to improve my mobility and to help me lose weight. My girls want to know why did he not take the lead in it. HE has known I have been driveing for years while taking every one of these meds adn some stronger. and never once has he said a darn thing about my not driveing untill now. Why. EVery doctor I ahve seen for pain has had me fill out a form saying one doc one pharmacy get pills filled every 30 days, or a couple days before I run out of them, now I don't take all of them equally. some I take daily some three times , some 2 times some once. so the scipts can't be written to fill each script alone. He writes them to be filled every 30 days. and when i hvae read tha papers aboat the side effects I see that it say don't waaait to run out before filling any of my meds. All say don't drive till you know how your body will react to these meds.. Then the girls will ask him questions alone about why he did not say some thing before this time about driveing, why is he not following the county regulations of seeing a patient who is on morphine every thirty days. To check on how my meds are working, how do I feel , do I drive when I feel drozy? fatqiiqued, or taken pain meds right before I drive. The girls want to talk with him becasue I am know to get on the defeoence adn stick my foot in mouth and make my self look like I am drugged all the time.. I am now. I am praying that he will understand that if he will give me a chance to take a drivers test it will get him off teh hook when I drive. I don't want to lose my liecse because of a doctor who does not see me every month. who does not know a thing about me or what he is treating me for. I went in to a rehumy who did nothing to change the plan that my last pain doctor had me on, had to stop seeing pain doctor for personal reasons, this doctor now has only tried to treat me for my osteo arthrits in my knees, he has never checked on my fibro dx or check to see if I have cmp. Please pray for me adn pray for this medical doctor to belive in me to feel like he can give me a chance to show him I am a safe driver, I will have him fill out the papers every 3 months or even take a drivers test every 3 months if that will make him say ok you can take a road test. I don't get it , he oked me to drive with limited function of my knee's and ra ted me wiht a 2 and then suddenly puts another catoagory that was not on my rating p aper and gave me an 8 no driveing ever. I need to stop stressing over this because if I don't I will stick my feet in mouth adn screw up. I am so scared worried and hope that with my daughters who want me to drive and know that I drive safley to be able to keep my driveing privlages. so does the state of Utah, Other people take oxycontins at a high dosage and their dcotor has ok ed them to drive, what is with mine. Please pary for me adn for the doctor so that I can at least be able to take a drivers test. Help me with your thoughts and support. Thanks for your time.
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    Rosemarie has posted here since 2002 (same year I joined). She is getting much worse.

    Rosemarie, I hope and pray the right thing is done.

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    Why do your daughters need to talk to your doctor, alone, without you present? I would be questioning that. They can ask their questions with you present. If not, then they are doing more than discussing what you have mentioned.
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    I'm sorry... and I feel for everyone that has a difficult time managing the pain of this illness and has to take high levels of narcotics to get relief. But frankly, DUI isn't just for alcohol. This doctor does have a legal and frankly morale obligation to state that the meds you take do not allow you to drive unimpaired. I don't want to be on the road when you're on the road. You said yourself you refill your meds every 30 days like clockwork. That means you're taking your meds and that means you're impaired.

    I know it means that you lose some freedom, but you don't have the right to assume you're only putting yourself at risk when you get behind the wheel. You're putting everyone on the road (car, bike, pedestrian) at risk. You have daughters that seem concerned about the amount of meds you take... have you ever asked them to do the driving?
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    Yes I do fill my meds every 30 day. I have been doing it because my doctor has told me to not go with out or suddenly stop taking my meds. I don't drive all that much, all appointments I make are after 2or 3 pm. I have not taken any thing but advil during the day. I take my meds at night.

    As for the driving part do you know that there are people who drive every day while taking Oxycontin, or even on a fentynal patch. I watch what I take and if i am driving I dont' take my am msocnitn, or any other pain med till late at night. I take my soma, msir , and msccontin at 10 pm every night but I dont' take them durning the day. Yes my doctor has the right to have a say in weather I can drive. But i feel that since he does not want to see me monthly, to check out how I am reacting to my meds, how I feel when I take my meds. Then he has given up that right to say if I am a safe driver.

    I have my good day adn bad days when they are bad I don't drive. What I am asking for is to let the driver's license divisoin to be able to take me out on a road test and check out how I drive, what rules I break, we all have bad habits in our driving.On every apin silp I get from the pharmacy there is a statement that says "Do not drive till you know how this med can accect you." I have been on this medicaion for 6+ yrs and in the 5 yrs I ahve been seeing my rehumy who I have infromed from day 1 that I was driving did nothing about it. He did not say don't drive and I was on 4 x the amount of pain meds than I take now.
    I have looked up toradol or tramadol which also tells you not to drive till you know how it affects you. Lyrica is the same way only it can make you dizzy, lightheaded, unable to think staright. Yet you are getting upset with me when all I am asking is for some support.

    At some point in time most of us have been on narcoitcs and we all have driven cars. My question to my doctor is why now? why after 5+ yrs is this so important to him, he does not follow the rules for doctors who treat patients with narcotics which is seeing them every 30 days. NOt once a year like my md does. Yes I get on the difenseive about this. I have a 823 yr old mother who I am her driver, do you really think that I would drive my MOm around town if I felt that I was out of it, could get a DUI? I take my pain meds becasue if I don't

    I can't do any of the suggestions that my doctor wants me to do. I can't go to the gym and have someone show me the best exericse's that will help me to get stronger muslces, lose some weight, for ever pound I loss , I also 4 lbs psi so the more I lose the less meds I will neeed. I have a memeber ship to the gym paid for my my insuracne, I can't ask my daughters to drive me every where because they have babies and little kids. They work , or live to far away, and one will be moving when her hubby gets back from serving in the army. What am I to do then?
    You asked about my driving, I have been taking pain meds for over 15 yrs adn I have never gotten a speeding ticket, or anyother kind of ticket. Is not a good driving record worth some thing. I am asking my doctor to give me that chance to take a driving test and let the driver's license office take me out to drive, If I try to kill them I won't be keeping my driving privlages.

    I dont' want much just the chance to be given that chance. I am scared so very scared and when I asked about this I did not expect to recieve a post that made me feel like I have to defend my self. You know that just having fibro can cause you to not remember, for get things. not sleep , yet you drive and being sleep deprived can cause just as many poor drivers who can also get a DUI or a ticket for being sleepy.

    I am sorry if I sound harsh and a bit hurt. I have respondablities that I have to drive to do. Please don't give up on me.

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    On Tueday of this week I saw my rehumy , I had brought my daughers as moral support, I asked about my driveing and beign on pain meds. ?Doctor said he had spoken to the Drivers License division and found out that by letting me take a driver's , got him off the hook and protects me as well. I asked a few questions and daughters asked questions wondering if it would be better for me to be off my pain meds to live a better life. HE said that it would not be in my best interest to stop my pain meds. but if I wanted I could have him lower the dosage of my mscontin 100 mgs x 2 daily to 60 mgs x2 daily.

    I need to take a written test and a drivers test to keep my license. for that I am thrilled.

    I just wish that my daughters would understand that fibro can make you so fatiqued so fast that you will sleep when you don't want to sleep. EVery time I doze off to the kids it is because of the pain meds. The sad thing is most times I have not taken any thing for pain and it is the flares and fatique that make me doze off .

    I know that they worry about me adn are worried that Grandma is going to miss out on many things with grandbabies because of the pain meds. Sadly it won't be from the meds, but from this fibro's choronic pain I live with.

    One questoin I had was why is it when my md said that after being on this dosage of meds I am on and have been on for 5+ yrs, it really does not cause me to doze off "Quote Her pain meds really don't do all that much, after taking them for so long. They really have lost their punch and my body does not react to the same side effects of some one just starting the meds." It is like I am not taking them end quote. Their hearing did not work as they did not hear him say that. All they heard was that yes I could get off my meds but it would take a long time .
    I have made up my mind to not discuss my pain or my meds with my girls, or any one else other than here where I am understood better. That way they won't bug me about it as much. I know that when under stress I say things that are really dumb, and make me sound like I am addicted. Such as I wil never be able to get off my meds., orI am quick to defend my self and my being on meds. I have to learn that this is only my business and not theirs so don't discuss it with them. Maybe that will help.
    I am glad that my doctor changed his mind in fact it was made up before I went to the appointment. He would have signed my paper just as fast with out an appointment. I still want to see him more often, I really do want to find a dosage that is going to ease my pain and let me live a better life. I am seeing him in a month and have agreed to reduce my pain meds.

    the thing that upsets me so much is that no matter what I have given them to read they still think that what I read I think I must have and that most of my pain is all in my head , because I read about it so I must have it kinda thing.
    Oh well I am not going to dwell on it. I am going to study for the written test and drivers test and pray that my hubby has his truck fixed before I have to take thse tests, or I won't have a car to use or get me there.
    Ain't life fun.
    HUGS to all.
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    I am so sorry you feel you must defend yourself. I take Oxycontin every day of my life..and I am FAR from impaired. I'm in worse shape if I'm trying to drive sans medication. I wouldn't dream of it. No way could I concentrate on driving in that kind of pain.

    I hope that things work out for you.

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