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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by desperation, May 18, 2003.

  1. desperation

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    Before I was diagnosed with CF I found it nearly impossible to drive at night.
    I knew it wasn't my eye sight because it felt different. I went to the doc and he said ( surprise, surprise) that I was stressed and having panic attacks. I also knew that this was rubbish. I have since learnt that the eyes can be sensitive to light with CFS.
    Do any of you have this problem and is driving as difficult for any of you? ( I used to be able to drive for hours and hours without any probs)
    thanks very much for any responses.
  2. Princessraye

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    I hae the same exact problems however don't know if it is CFS or due to getting older. That started as I hit my late 30's and am now 45.
    Wish there was something to help !
  3. goingslowlycrazy

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    ...I hate driving at night. Thankfully I hardly ever have to.

    My night vision is dreadful. It used to be fine, in fact I quite enjoyed it - but now, it's like all the lights blur together and I can't judge distances or the speed of other things at all!

    I felt awful last year cos we drove up to The Isle Of Skye (from middle England) and it is a heck of a haul - but I couldn't take over and my partner, Phil, was so tired we had to pull off for him to sleep a bit. I felt so useless but I wouldn't have dared - especially on the motorway.

    My eyes have got weird with CFS. I have terrible trouble getting my contact lenses in (my eyes water like mad and seem to 'reject' the lenses), I have photophobia and my eyes get tired very quickly.

    All part of the joy that is CFS I'm afraid...
    Mary x
  4. Mrs. B

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    trouble driving at night even though my vision was better than normal. I was told last year that that the muscles in my eyes were not changing from near sighted to far sighted as quickly as they should so I wear low magnifying glasses for reading now. I still can barely see to drive at night and see outlines of things as well as being bothered by bright lights. Oh, I also have to have a couple of lights on when I watch tv at night... drives my husband crazy. haha

  5. southstars_tat2s

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    I cannot see a d*^&m thing at night..so bad that I scare people in the car with me. I am soooo night blind. I thought it was my eyesight..so had vision checked and it is 20/20...so I figure i'm just what they call "night blind". It's terrible..at night I refuse to drive..and if I absolutely have to...I only drive on roads I am familiar with and nowhere else. It helps me a little that way..otherwize I am all up on the steering wheel going 20 miles an hour cuz I don't know where I am going and can't see to get thereLOL
  6. Elbryan

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    It's not to bad on familar roadways but put me somewhere that instinct cant help and I cant see my way around, throw a little rain in on top and look out...