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  1. Cakeart

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    Hi! I haven't been on in six months, sorrry've missed ya'll, I'm a homeschooling mom with only enough energy to do that! I had pretty much given up driving because of the pain (have a pontiac montana minivan) but recently we bought a "new" used car, and I can drive it without too much pain! yeehaw. Even when I ride in the minivan I have to put a cylindrical pillow behind my neck, and hug a soft pilow, which I put between me and the seatbelt shoulder strap. What do you find helpful in driving/riding in a car?
  2. EllenComstock

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    Congratulations on being able to drive again. I, too, have problems with driving. I can drive, but not long distances.

    We got one of those steering wheel covers so holding the steering wheel is more comfortable for my hands. The one I have is made of "furry" material making it pretty soft to hold on to.

    I also got a "furry" cover for the part of my seat belt that rests on my shoulder to make it more comfortable. You said you are using a pillow between you and the seatbelt. I'm sure it makes it more comfortable, but I am wondering how safe it would be in an accident.

    I know there are covers and seats you can put on the car seat, but haven't looked into those yet. I can still drive short distances (less than an hour), but not long trips.

    I don't drive much at night, but when I do (or if I am a passenger), I wear yellow glasses as I have a problem with the glare from oncoming headlights. It has helped with that problem.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Kat_in_Texas

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    My FM pain is mostly in my arms, so driving in a car can sometimes really hurt.

    I keep two small bean-bag style pillows in the car to prop my arms on if I'm driving/riding a long distance. The pillows are the kind with the slick microfiber material and very squishy insides, I think they're actually called "Squish" brand or something like that, you can find them at Wal-Mart, Walgreens, etc. Very inexpensive.

    That has made all the difference in the world to me!

  4. Cakeart

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    donnaeil- It's good to know there are other homeschool moms out there! I really admire you doing it especially as a single parent. What a blessing you are giving to your children!

    ellencomstock- The yellow glasses sound like a good idea! I never leave home without sunglasses, but sometimes, especially at night the oncoming light glare is so bad! I use a really squashy down pillow between the seatbelt and me, that I hug and can prop against the window to rest my head on for a change in posture- this is all strictly when I am a passenger! The pillow is so squashy I believe it would in no way hinder the seatbelt from restraining me properly. The belt remainsin the correct position.

    kat_in_texas- I appreciate the squish pillow hint, I tried one for my right arm in the minivan, but it still wasn't enough support, but it might work in the new car. My husband uses it for his neck when he is passenger, it is too squishy to help my neck.
  5. kellyann

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    i saw your post about driving, and I noticed that you also said you homeschool. Is it really hard to homeschool you child? I have been thinking about homeschooling my youngest when the time comes. Mostly because she is special needs. I am very overprotective of her, and I would have a hard time handing her over to someone else, teachers included. Here in GA, the children can start school all day as young as four years old. I just think that is way too young. I guess I'll just have to study all my options. Do you enjoy homeschooling? And how much of the day is spent teaching?Is there a certain curriculum that is mandantory or do you get to pick your own? I would appreciate any advise on homeschooling.
    As for driving, I can't drive long distances at all anymore as I am too sore. I can drive to the store or whatever, but avoid doing so as much as possible. I drive a Windstar minivan, and it is hard for me to climb up into it and I have a lot of trouble turning to back it up.
    I am happy for you that you can drive now, that is great!

    Take Care!

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