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  1. debbieuk

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    I was just wondering if anyone apart from me has noticed that FMS affects their driving? It seems to start my brain fogging or is it just a panic attack? I am ok driving at up to 50mph but when I go over this or on long journeys it becomes a problem.

    I am starting Lyrica today and will keep you posted on how it works for me.
  2. TerryS

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  3. gracepartaker

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    I have CFS and I have the same symptom. I can't get on the freeway or I start having brain fog, heart palpitations, sweating. I don't know what it means.
  4. debbieuk

    debbieuk New Member

    Thanks for your response, at least now I know I am not the only one that experiences these feelings. It's such an overwhelming feeling and difficult to really descibe to someone who has not experienced it.

  5. debbieuk

    debbieuk New Member

    Thank you for your response. I know what you mean by the zombie feeling. I have only had one tablet and am due to take my next one soon. At present I feel like I'm trying to walk on a boat that's rocking from side to side and all my pains seem to have escalated, anything I do at the moment feels like I'm doing it in slow motion. I most definitely will not be driving for a while at least not until my body gets used to the meds.

  6. debbieuk

    debbieuk New Member

    Hi Lu,

    Chaotic is definitely one way to describe it, I have the feeling that unfortunately it is something that will not go away. Do you have FMS or CFS?

  7. debbieuk

    debbieuk New Member

    Thanks for your response, sorry to hear that, I have a feeling that is what I will end up having to do!

  8. debbieuk

    debbieuk New Member

    Hi donnaeil, thank you for your response, I was just wondering is it FMS you have or CFS?

  9. rachel432

    rachel432 New Member

    the only way fm has affected my driving is that frequently my shoulders hurt so much that driving my car is extemely painful. also when my hips hurt i'm ok in my car but my husbands van is hard to drive.
  10. Redwillow

    Redwillow New Member

    Hi Bbunny

    I have FM and find sitting in a car, either as a passenger or driving very tiring.

    I can still drive short distances but I think the fact that you have to concentrate is really exhausting. Between the concentration and being locked in one position is extremely hard.

    Fortunately I live in a fairly rural area so not a lot of high traffic. If I have to drive into the city I try to get someone to take me.

    hugs Marion (Redwillow)
  11. Manaleon

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    Yeah I have some problems driving and there are times when I won't drive for like a week. The thing that stops me from driving is the lack of concentration or random bouts of vertigo. But there have also been a few times where the vertigo has hit me in the middle of driving, or I feel like i'm going to pass out.
  12. atxlady66

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    take ur meds at night this helps me
  13. encantare

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    I do know that driving is hard for me as well. There is a great book called the Fibromyagia Handbook. It helped me with driving. I now drive with my hands at the bottom of the steering wheel and a lumbar support in my back. I've found that helps me concentrate on the road and not my pain.

    Also, I tried Lyrica. It helped a great deal at first. My pain went almost completely away! However, my pain started to come back and they kept increasing my dose. I found that the greater my dose, the less I was able to concentrate. Just beware and watch for that. Otherwise, it was a prayer answered. I don't know how you do with other drugs, but I adjust to medications pretty fast. I've got my fingers crossed that this will help you!
  14. Lisa1

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    I have had FMS for approx 3 years now, but have just recently realized that I get easily distracted while driving, meaning that I'm looking around at houses and flowers and such instead of paying attention to what's around me on the road. I've even weaved over a little bit, but luckily there weren't any cars around me at the time (or I should say, thank you God!).

    My lack of concentration at home is obviously apparent and I get easily distracted with what I'm trying to do. But doing this while driving is extremely scary.

    I am on all kinds of meds, but have not tried Lyrica. I am on Neurontin and have been for several months. At one point, I was on the maximum dose and definitely made me sleep most of the time, even after being on it for awhile. I am now trying to back off on the dosage to see if it's even working. I think it is working because my pain levels have gone up since I started backing off.

    At least the only driving I do is to take my son to and from school, which is only 4 miles one way. I also drive to the doctor, but haven't had many appointments lately.

    I haven't figured out what to do about my driving except to do less of it and/or really try to focus. Unfortunately, that's pretty hard to do at times. I'm sure I haven't helped you, but at least you know you are not alone in this and I know I am not alone either.

    Take care and I hope the Lyrica works for you.

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