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  1. lin21

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    Hi All---

    I'm fairly new here and since my surgery in September I have not been driving.
    The extent of my driving is taking my daughter to school a few blocks away and maybe some short in town distance.
    Has anyone else out there stopped driving because of the FMS?
    I have numbness in my arms, hands, and legs, especially the right side of my body.

    Thanks all,
  2. Seagull

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    I find that I feel confused when I approach intersections with traffic lights. Stop signs don't cause me any problems at this point. But, my eyes play tricks on me with the turn arrows and colors, so I try to have another car in front of me to see what that driver does. Not a good thing, I know, but at least I do not drive very far from home -- a max radius of maybe 2 to 3 miles only. Any further than that, I have to have someone drive me. Also, I get nervous when there is a car in the lane next to me. I keep feeling like my car is drifting over into the next lane, even though it isn't.