Dronabinol....My life saver...READ!!

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    Message* I have had very BAD Fibro 5 yrs. I have tried & done almost everything this site & others have told me to try. Everything 4 pain..sleep meds.. xanex..just look at all your 'Fibro' coaktail's & I'm sure I've tried them all...I then was sent this artical by another Fibro Friend ..PLEASE READ http://www.cnn.com:80/2010/HEALTH/02/22/medical.marijuana/index.html
    and RAN to my Dr. [ at KAISER!!] & he consulted the Pain Managment Dr's & I was given a script 4 Dronabinol [Marinol]...2.5 mg. 4 times a day. It has been a month now & I can feel safe in saying..I'm a HUMAN BEING again!!...PLEASE PLEASE take this artical 2 your Dr's & ask them 2 let u try it..they need 2 trust you & b BRAVE Dr's...I have reduced my other med's as well ..which is such a GOOD thing...I pray your Dr's have the compassion mine did as he has watched me suffer & tried everthing 4 the last 5 yrs..GOD BLESS him & GOOD LUCK with your continued journy 4 relief of this illness!!..I just had 2 share this..It has helped with my energy, brain fog, sleep, fatigue, & best of all FLARES & daily pain!! Now! CALL YOU DR.!!!!

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    I'm glad that dronabinol/marinol artifical marijuana has worked so well for you. The trouble is that it doesn't work that well for everyone. I tried it and I felt like I was going to die. It's massively expensive. It's not something that anyone can just try. Your actually the first person that has had such a positive experience with it that I've come across. More power to you!

    Take care,

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