Drs appt a bust - frustrated

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    I went to my dr/s appt this morning. I had a different
    dr. than usual because I planned it that way.

    My back is killing me now from going out.
    She was good in some ways and bad in others.

    First off, I needed to see about my toenail infection.
    I also told her how I fell into the hot tub and that
    my neck and back were bothering me. I was also
    scared this morning because after one hour of
    sleep I woke up with my left leg completely numb
    and tingly. I never had that happen so badly.
    In my arms, yes, never in my leg. I also felt
    like my vision was very weird and fading out or
    something. I was petrified and terrified. I told
    her about the IBS and the diarhhea and that
    I am nauseated 24/7.

    I asked her to take my sock off for me.
    She asks me why? HELLOO!!!! Why can't
    I do it? I told her because I hurt my back.
    She asked how I did it at home. I should
    have said my mother but I told her that I
    was in bed and it was easier.

    I told her all of my symptoms and she just
    tested my neck very slightly and lifted each
    leg. One leg caused back pain. She said nothing.
    She did nothing. I told her about my shoulder
    blade pain. She did nothing she said nothing.
    I asked her for Percocet because I have more
    pain. She said she does not prescribe narcotics.
    I told her the main reason I wanted it was to
    go to my Lyme dr. who is one and 1/2 hours away.
    She said no.

    I asked her for Phenergan. She said no.
    I told her I believe I have candidas and described
    rashes I get under my breast. She did and said

    She didn't take blood pressure.

    I asked her for something for IBS until I go
    to GI guy and she said no.

    What she is doing which is good is that
    she is doing stool testing and also
    testing for amylase and lipase.

    My back is spasmimg and my fingers are shaking.
    My foot was shaking when I showed it to her.

    She gave me Zpak for my infection and sent
    me on my way.

    Not sure it was worth all the trouble I went to.

    I am so tired I can't stand it.
    I would like to see my chiropractor.
    I trust him.

    Belileve it or not, I am switching to this dr because
    she is better than my other one.

    I see her in two weeks.


  2. KayL

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    I'm not at all familiar with what's been going on with you, so if I'm covering old ground here, forgive me.

    Is this doc (or group of docs) the only one available to you? If not, I would seek out another doc.

    I can sort of understand her not wanting to jump right in and prescribe a lot of meds if this was the first time you've seen her, however, it seems like she was either not believing you about all your complaints, or she just didn't care. In either case, she's not going to be of much help to you.

    On the other hand, if she's running some tests, and you see her again in 2 weeks, her attitude may change. I've had that happen with a doc who I thought was a complete jerk, until he ran some tests and realized I was for real.

    I'm sorry you're not getting any relief right now. If it were me though, I think I'd start looking around for a more knowledgeable or compassionate doc.


  3. Applyn59

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    I usually see another dr. in this practice who is worse than this one. She treats me like a piece of

    This one was much better in that respect but
    I don't think she will be too useful.

    I am on a waiting list to get in with a dr. who is
    supposed to be fantastic (that's what I heard
    about this one). But I know she is because I trust
    the person who referred me. I called before
    making this appt and there are still 300 people
    ahead of me on the waiting list!!!!!!

    I just called my FMS dr office and will be getting
    the ambien and phenergan.

  4. AnnetteP

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    Sorry to hear of your frustrations...ugh! But to have to wait for 300 people to see a dr. before you can see him sounds like a really long wait. I'm going to bump a post I made in October of last year. If you're interested, its a thorough explanation on "how to find a good cfs/fm dr." Its VERY long, but if you print it out it will be easier to read. Hopefully you can use this to find a dr. who is just as good, if not better, than the one you are waiting for, and who can see you sooner.

    Good luck,
  5. AnnetClo

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    Even if you think this doctor is better than the other one you see in this office (unless I'm missing something here) I don't think this woman is going to do anything for you other than take your money. I agree with the other poster that she either didn't believe you about your pain or she just doesn't give a d***. Either way I would say you're wasting your money.

    AnnetteP did post a really good article about finding a FM/CFS doc. I don't know if I would have the energy to do all that, but I probably would be better off if I did. Read the article though, it may be the perfect thing for you.

    See if your area has a FM support group and attend a meeting. Before the meeting starts or when it's over talk to the other people attending. Ask them who they see. Ask them if their doc is open to ordering tests to help rule out other problems. Ask them if the doc they see really listens and believes them. Ask them what they use to treat FM/CFS. These guys don't have anything to gain or lose by telling you about their docs so I would think they would be pretty candid.

    Good luck to you sweetie. I hope you find some relief soon.

  6. Applyn59

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    My FMS dr. isn't that good but he does give me most
    any med I ask to try. I do all the research and he
    gives me the meds.

    The endocrinologist I see on Tuesday is also
    wonderful. I faxed him a letter and requested extra
    tests and he is running all of them.

    I see a Lyme Specialist on July 22 who is supposed
    to be extremely smart, nice and thorough. These
    drs run many nonstandard blood tests to rule out
    many things. I know he will be a step in the right
    direction for sure. The thing with him though is
    that they don't' take insurance. I am on Medicare
    and he gives discounts. Instead of paying
    $475 I am paying 332.50. Additional visits
    are 250 but I pay 150. It will be worth it to me
    to get everything sorted out!

    I really need to see my chiropractor.
    Ride problems though.