Drs appt tomorrow_ too many issues

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  1. Applyn59

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    I need to discuss so much with my dr. tomorrow
    that I don't know where to begin! I just realized that
    I have way more than three concerns and will
    probably be labeled as a hypochondriac.

    All of my concerns are legit, I assure you.
    I am going really for my infected toe, but also
    to check out neck/back from fall. However, my gyn
    is no longer and I need to ask this dr. to order
    a mammogram and also I am way overdue for
    an MRI of my ovaries. I have several cysts.
    Did I already say this somewhere else?
    I need IBS med; I need anxiety med or better
    antidepressant or both.

    I may not get my own dr and I am hoping that I don't
    get her because I don't like her.

    Maybe I should go to chiro for my back andneck
    but then I have to scrounge up more rides.

    I am so scared to go out into a car tomorrow
    because my back has always been bothered
    by cars and now it really is worse.

    I only slept about 4 hours and am so exhausted.
    After I go out tomorrow, I am going to have to
    get up and go to the lab for an 8 a.m. drawing.
    Wonder how many months this will set me back.

    God help me going to the lyme dr. who is almost
    one and 1/2 hours away.

  2. tansy

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    Not knowing what to leave out, what needs looking into first, what will ensure I sound as legit as I am. Many of these problems stem from the fact too many issues aren't dealt with for such a long time. Too many docs think we should just go away and get on with ours lives (as if!).

    Cos my brain was whizzing round in circles last time I saw my GP I must have completely confused her. Didn't make anything clear enough but I did type out a few notes and handed those to her.

    This system did not work with the haematologist but then there are problems for me with the local hospital, I am one of their many embarassments.

    I think the only thing you can do is prioritise, just go for a couple and then see how that goes. Because it's all so overwhelming for us we tend to rush through all our problems and so end up confusing even the best intentioned doctors.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on.


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  3. Applyn59

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    I have only been to this dr. twice I think. She doesn't
    treat my FMS but I am going to see if she can help
    with some of my issues. I am too sick and too
    tired to go to my FMS dr right now. I also want to
    wait until I see what happens at the Lyme

    I also take notes. When I went to her the first
    time I had a printout of my medical history.
    I usually make two copies; one for me and one
    for them so we can go down the list together.

    I am really hoping that I get a diff dr. tomorrow.
    When I call I am going to see what they say
    about who I can see. If there is more than
    one choice and she isn't one of them I will
    say I can't take that one. I just don't want
    her NP. I have had wonderful NP;s in the
    past but I really don't care for this one. I want
    to see a dr. NP can be too conservative.

    I am so pooped I cannot even think.
    My head is killing me and I feel as if I am asleep.

    I don't know how good my brain is working right
    now. I told the girl on the phone that I had many
    problems and that I haven't seen her in ages.

    I called the office of the dr. I am on a waiting
    list with. She is supposed to be excellent
    and has just started in my town. They told
    me there are 300 people ahead of me.
    I can't wait to get her because I hear she's
    great. It is so hard having a dr. who you feel
    has no compassion.

    I just hope I don't cry and hyperventilate in front
    of her. When things get really bad for me, and
    believe me, it happens often, I tend to cry at
    every appt I go to. It's so humiliating.

    I need all the luck I can get.
    Thanks, Tansy.

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  4. Jen F

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    I still haven't been able to detach myself from the board. Just sitting her in la la land...

    I hope you get at least some help tomorrow. doubt all your needs will be addressed. Can you make a list and prioritize it with numbers from most important, down? that's what i do for all my doc appt s these dayss. Sounds like they are squeezing you in, otherwise you could specifically ask for a longer appointment.

    you probablyknow all this.

    i wish you well...and hope it goes better than you expect.