Dr's had an Attutide Adjustment and a Med ?

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    I ran out of my Pain med's, and when I called this am, I thought for sure I was gonna have to do Battle with the New Doctor's, but I guess the letter's from my Orthopedic, Rhumotologist, and the new Doc's, a Neruo Surgeon and and ENT, all advised the PC's that I stay on my Current Med's. Yeah Team.

    I called early, and they were ok'd by noon, that was very fast. So I guess if you just hang in there and keep giving the Doctor's information about your Condition, like which Syndrome you have, any other Co-exisiting condition's, and how the FMS, can make the Symptoms of the other Conditions worse.

    I also gave them a list of what med's I take and for which condition, the only thing I take for FMS is the Vistril.

    I am doing PT for my neck pain, I have 3 disc's going very bad, but I just am such a baby, that I'm trying the PT first, if for no other reason than to get the Body ready for yet another Surgery, .........

    Let's see that makes, 10, If they do it.

    I was so Fibro fogged this am, that I took some meat out to Defrost in the Micro, and I kept saying, now don't forget it. Well I didn't remember it till I got back from the Pharmacy. But I'm Ok now. I think.

    Before I forget, has anyone tried Zetia, it's suppose to be an older med for lowing Cholesterol, but my Ins. won't cover it. The lipator caused to much Hip Pain, so my Dr. said this one wasn't suppose to cause any aching like the newer one's.
    I'm goning to go research it, but just wondering if there are any Personal Experiences, that might be helpful.


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    Bumping.It's awsome you have your DRs in order! Hope someone can contribute an answer for you! :) Peace l
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