DRS. healthy people, make us feel like an alien abducted victim

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by blkkat, Mar 31, 2007.

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    hi , don't you feel like were just one of those people who claim they have been abducted by aliens? really if you tell your DR, (WELL NOT MINE) but I've had a lot of diff. DRS look straight in my face and i can tell they think I'm crazy.

    anyone else feel like this???? why isn't there any movie stars that have any of our illnesses? if some did and would speak up ,well maybe they are scared that they'll get labeled and not get work cause, so many think its in our heads! but why isn't being talked about?

    I'm 44 and I've had this from the age of 5. there seems to be a study on every thing except -FM , CFS ECT. someone always tries to make me feel guilty because i won't buy their potion ,to make them rich. or my family, not my home but like mom, brother etc.

    think I'm just lazy and are faking it so i don't have to work, sorry going into a pity party. well any input would be great. GOD BLESS--BLKKAT
  2. rosemarie

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    I thought I had found the answer to fibro and how to treat it. So off I went to this seminar about fibro. Strange I thought as this was held as a chiopractors office.

    I Listened with a hopefull mind but what I heard was buy my stuff and do what I think works and I will be glad to help you as long as your buying my products. I left saddened as no one got it.

    All it was , was a scam to get you to buy their products and treatments and you could not be on any pain meds at it they are bad for our bodies they contaminte us .

    So we need to have purges to remove the nasty stuff . That is not me. I don't belive in all the stuff. Why should I have to pay threw the nose to get help that really is not helping me?

    I think that the famous people who have fibro and other chronic pain issues are scared to tell any one. You and I know what it has done to our lives and we hate it. So why would some one who has lots of money tell any one that they have it.

    Some how fibro is not some thing that people are willing to talk about and have others listen to them. How long did it take this syndrdome to stop being {All in your head}.?
    Doctors don't want to keep us around as we need more help than they are willing to give.

    Our biggest problem is we don't look sick, we look normal just like every one else does, yes we get tired faster but we don't have any pale wasted bodies that people see. We don't have to have surgeries to help get rid of the "BAD STUFF",we just don't look like any thing is really wrong with us.
    I look like some thing is wrong but it is not the fibro showing it is the osteoarthritis in both knees and back that makes me walk like a fat duck.

    Sorry I really don't have an answer. I really wish that some one would let the rest of the world know that this is real and not all in our heads.

  3. clerty

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    how rude for someone to say that
    what a stunning looking dog it is lovely!!!

  4. blkkat

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    I'm sorry. people ((beep.)) just today i fell once again, this time went to clinic thinking i should since i hit my forehead and got a split lip.

    got in real fast even before all the others, well what a waste of time , first no one even really touched me just asked ALL kinds of things and at the end of only about 20 mins in there, a big guy came in and said again how did you fall, so now we got it they thought my poor husband beat me. they said they couldn't help me an to go to the ER.

    ya so i can wait for 5 hrs just to be told ,well your alive fallow up w/ your reg. DR on Mon. and by the way you won't be getting any meds here!

    goodbye !!!!!!! sorry bad day. so I'm in a lot of pain more than norm and they think my husband is a wife beater, great. GOD BLESS--BLKKAT
  5. clerty

    clerty New Member

    you take care now
  6. 139864

    139864 New Member

    I believe it is just that the majority of dr's are ignorant to these diseases / syndromes ..So I think it is up to us to educate them !! take as much data to our appointments as we can .

    The celebrities have their private physicians who are paid to keep their mouths shut '
    your friend

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