DRS! they don't come any dumber than this!!

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  1. tandy

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    Sorry~I realize there might be a small percentage that are good or just OK~ Heres my gripe.....I went to a new primary dr. today.My main concern today was to get something stronger for my FM/back and endometriosis pain.
    I told this Dr. that I was put on Darvecet for pain 10 yrs ago and that its not working at all for me anymore.He said its common to build up a tolerance to darvecet,yadda...yadda,yadda. He gives me a script for celebrex!!! Damn celebrex!!!OMG I'm seeing fire! How the hell can a REAL licensed Dr. hand me that-, as a stronger pain med for FM?!you've gotta be kidding? He said lets give this a shot,its much milder on your stomach than other meds. So I guess till late june,I'm stuck with this~(i thought this med was for Arthritis?)I have'nt even filled the lousy script yet.....its just another bother~ not happy here :( Will they ever GET it??
    Thanks for reading my sob story~
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    Tracey - I hear you loud & clear!! If anything, the FM literature specifies that this DD is NON inflammatory and yet docs continue to rx anti inflammatories. What is the deal? My doc rx'd Bextra (yet another anti-inflammatory) but hey, he says FM is a wastebasket diagnosis. You know, it sickens me that we have to go from doc to doc praying that we will find ONE that is a tad knowledgeable in this area. I am scheduled for an appointment tomorrow, but I'm not going. I might get 5 minutes of his time, if I'm lucky, and for what? He will not rx anything but anti-inflammatories (or anti-depressants). I am at the end of my 6 month rx for sleep med (ativan 1mg) which he will not renew and I cannot sleep without. I found a new doc but have no clue whether she knows about FM but I am willing to start over.
    Boy, do I hear you!!
    I know it's a big pain in the butt but please don't stop searching for a good doc. I know I won't.

  3. Sissy123

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    I am sick and in pain and the last thing I need is another doc telling me that there is no known cause for this and blah, blah, blah...I finally got an appointment with pain clinic doctor and they do listen better, although we need more research for them to really get it. I cant wait for that day when they look at us and say "We have finally found a cure". Good luck and try a pain clinic doc, its their bag, pain that is.
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    Sometimes I do not even want to admit being a part of med field. I have more stories than I can even count from what I witnessed and now to my own care. As a child I prayed I would never have a chronic illness,I used to chew out docs. I am sorry, we have all been in your shoes so we get it. When I was refused pain killers,you know tuff girl routine and denial. Then when I said o.k. has been a humiliating battle. I wish I got those scripts filled then. My doc will not even discuss anything but cholesterol,dexa scan,ignores everything else. 2 yrs. going to him he just realized I have lyme too. His nose is always in my file and he just got it. That is so he doe`s not have to look at the pain in my face and wt lose. We should get a list of all of them and send it on for improper treatment. In todays world no 1 should have to live in this kind of pain!!! I do not give a flip about their concerns of pain meds for those who are in need they should be defending their sick pts. It is like guns people who should not have get them,same with meds. See if anyone will help you. Huggsss (When I had doc`s for pts. they wanted their pain meds IMMEDIATELY!)
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    Yeap, I've been there done that with so many I lost count. I finally started getting somewhere when I did my own research to find out what med may work for me and then ASK FOR IT. This has worked a few times so far. If I have to lie when they offer me something worthless I will say...oh no I've taken that before and it didn't do anything for me. THank goodness for this message board and all it's wealth of information - it's where I found out about Neurontin and Klonopin, the two meds that I asked for - they may have hestitated at first but I just kept talking like I really wanted to try them because they helped a family member so well. I find that some doctors don't want to hear you want something because you read about it on the internet or even from a book - many docs seem to think their patients are more dumber than they are so heaven forbid if we show we have some knowledge about our own DD.

    But I know there's some good ones out there so don't lose faith. Some of the dumber ones work out fine if you know how to beat them at their game! I know that sounds bad but damnit we are the ones that have to go home and live with it the best way.

    Did you check out the doctor referrals on the site? Good luck Tracey - hope you get some relief soon.

  6. IndigoSC

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    I agree with you completely, as I've been to quite a few doctors since being diagnosed with Fibro, all of which were supposed to know a lot about fibro or even specialize in fibro treatment...and yet, still have not gotten any pain meds or any other kind of pain relief. They are all real quick to try to treat depression with anti-depressants, but it really doesn't do any good if the reason you're depressed is because you're in so much pain all the time!! If anyone has any suggestions as to how to get a dr. to prescribe something (ANYthing) please let me know, as my drs. won't even give me something as weak as ultram. I really think it's unfair and if the dr. had fibro, he'd probably be taking something for the pain...
  7. MemoryLane

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    She always reminded us that there was a certain level of care basic to every patient's needs and to which we had a right and that right included adequate pain control.

    She said it better than me, but all the old posts are gone. I hope she sees this and can share that message with us again.

    Wishing us all well,
  8. AnnetClo

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    he ordered Bextra and Darvocet for pain but he also did tons of labwork to rule out any arthritic problems. I tried it for about 7 days and then called his office and told them that I wasn't getting any relief. They brought me back into the office and wrote a script for Percocet which I'm still taking. My point to all this rambling is maybe call the office back about several days and just tell them "This is not giving me any relief, I really need something stronger". I took my doc's actions to be because I was a new patient, he didn't know anything about me, and he wanted to make sure I wasn't a drug seeker. I sure hope the same is true with your doc. It's hell finding a doctor, making another appointment, waiting for the appt and then wondering if they're going to be any better than the last.

    I'm sure sorry you had such a wasted visit but I hope things will work out for you.

  9. tandy

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    I do appreciate every suggestion or reply! Someone above in a reply said they have to almost "hoard" there pain meds(when given).I can totally relate!! I get flexeril for sleep....so my script is for 30 a month.Sometimes I make myself get by with half,just so i'll have a small stash put away for my flares!!Same with my darvecet~My script on that says up to 4 times a day.I try to get by with as little as possible so that I can put some away for emergencys!! we should'nt have to do this!!but its reality with these numb-nut Drs. we have to deal with~ I just may call the office in afew days and say these are'nt doing nothing for me. The thing is,I'm not asking for top of the line,strong pain killers!!I just need something stronger than a darvecet!apparently i'm asking for a bit much? If these drs. knew our pain....or even had FM,I wonder what pain med. they'd have a script for?
    Thanks again all~
  10. AnnetClo

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    After all our discussions about the difficulty getting meds for our pain,our long term, chronic pain, I must say I think that most doctors are quicker to treat men with stronger meds than women. An example, one of the guys in our office was having some stiffness in his neck and down into his arm. Complained for 2 days. No injury, no numbness. He went over to a doc in a box at lunch time today. When he came back he said they didn't do xrays, just said from poor posture and gave him scripts for Ultracet, Motrin, Percocet and Soma. Can you believe that? I am so pissed I could scream. I would really really like to see what this same doc would prescribe for a female who went in with the same symptoms!!!!
  11. aubree

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    I am a woman and I hurt my knee pretty bad a month or so ago... so I go to the doctor that EVERYONE in our office uses... including the boss. There are only 3 of us in the office, the boss, a secretary, and me... anyway... I asked the DR. for something for pain... he gives me darvocet! Idiot... it didn't help, so I went back last thursday... he gives me ULTRACET!!! DOUBLE IDIOT...

    so, I'm replying to this message to tell you that my boss, who goes to the same doctor get 2 perscription... one for 100, 750mg vicodin and one for 100 percocet! Now... my question is why does the doctor REFUSE to give me anything stronger but he'll give John whatever he wants... he also has Valium(100 a month) perscribed to him... so I firmly believe that doctors will give men better drugs than women, I just can't figure out why...

  12. kmelodyg

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    I am so sorry hon. It has been a battle for me as well. I have been on dozens of different pain meds. And I have done everything to fight for stronger meds. The best way to get through to them is demanding, even nagging if you have to. Tell them that you understand that theya re probably concerned with possble addiction, but YOU ARE SUFFERING!!! Exaggerate if you have to!!! Tell them that you are planning on working on other ways to elimate your pain, such as physicla therapy, but in the mean time YOU NEED RELIEF!!! And in the future, you can be weened off slowly. Stand up for yourself. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!! You are worth it. Keep calling them everyday if you have to. Eventually he/she should cave. If not, get someone else who will help you!! Good luck and big soft hugs to you!!