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  1. FaithHopeCure

    FaithHopeCure New Member

    Since I have been using a good amount of supplements and no pharma drugs for the last three months I have been feeling better and shared that information with my regular Dr and my neurologist. Here are their responses back to me:

    My Dr for 5 years says: yes, I have had patients who have decided to stop all meds and supplements and go to bed at a regular time and excersize and they are doing much better. Does this mean he never believed that we were/are still suffering and that this maddening illness is a choice! OMG I wanted to strangle him! If he only knew what a struggle it for us to maintain a semi healthy life! Most people don't have to endure all that we do! And we have to do all of our own research to discover what works and doesn't work because there is no cure as with so many other chronic illnesses. I am the one that researched doing lydocaine shots on my neck for trigger points to relieve pain and it worked. He said that he has had good outcomes with these shots for headaches. So why didn't he offer this as a choice for me? I am convinced that as soon as I told him that I have fibro, he then quickly put me on all the pharma drugs.

    My neurologist says: I know you have been in a lot of pain for a very long time with fibro and migraines. But in order to get the the insurance to pay for the Botox injections I have to try one more medication and have an MRI done. Ok, but I have already tried lyrica, neurotin, trazadone, klonopin and many others and they don't work. The vitamins are doing a much better job of managing pain. He said the only proven vitamin is B12 and magnesium that works for pain and migraines.

    I am convinced that traditional drs don't want to recognize the power of supplements because they would be put out of business and so would the insurance companies! Don't get me wrong, meds do work for some people and have helped me at times but they are no cure and for me they have too many side effects!

    Just venting....
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  2. MicheleK

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    Hi FaithHopeCure,
    When I read your post all the many doctors I have seen in 20 yrs for FM and ME/CFS who didn't have a clue came rushing back in my head. It such a pain to deal with "unbelieving doctors" or those who flip flop, saying they beleive it's real one visit and the next acting as if you just need to get out and have a happy attitude. Perfectly annoying and adding emotional pain or irritation to an already hard thing to deal with. So sorry.

    I know I got tired of it and decided to travel to a specialist. It may take me longer to get to him but when I do get there I get supported emotionally and pysically instead of having to listen to a bunch of baloney from someone who thinks they know it all but really know very little, least of all how to treat a patient!

    You may do well to try and find a doctor who is open to both traditional and alternative treatments. A doctor who really has your best interest at heart and realizes there are no cures for these diseases should be willing to try anything that hasn't proven to be dangerous.

    I take both prescription drugs and supplements. However I make sure I get my supplements from a company like ProHealth who have quality control and what it says is in the bottle is actually in there. You would be surprised how many supplements not only don't contain what they say but actually contain heavy metals, poisonous substances etc. My eyes were opened wide when I became a member of Consumer's Laboratories which independantly tests supplements.

    As in everything in life, a good balance is usually the wisest way for us to proceed. I'm glad you vented. We all need to see that the feelings and frustrations we as patients go through is a common experience and we can be there for one another as a support system.

    All the best to you. Hugs, MicheleK
  3. FaithHopeCure

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    Wow, that is impressive. I do take Prohealth's fibro supplements after doing a lot of research on which supplements work best for fibro. I also drink two wellness drinks Nopalea for inlammation and Adaptogen 10 plus for anxiety. I only take Clonazepam on an as needed basis. So far so good...until something in life will throw me off and then I have to rest, rest, rest.

    I do get worried about what companies are truly practicing good manufacturing and formulation standards. I do my research as best as I can and then I test it with how my own body responds. I am pretty sensistive to a lot of ingridients and can feel an improvement within a week or two of taking it. If I don't get a positive result within 60 days then I stop wasting my money on it.

    So true about the flip floping attitudes that doctors have. I have had so many over past 12 years and the last two that I have mentioned are better than most, but based on some of their comments, it is apparent that they do not specialize in fibromyalgia and are just guessing at what might work and what doesn't. I have learned more from doing my own research and being on this message board.

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  4. mbofov

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    I can't add anything to what Michele said very well, just wanted you to know I think we are all in the same leaky boat! The vast majority of doctors know nothing about CFS or FM and for the most part we are on our own, unless you are fortunate enough to find a good one, which often is not easy.

    I also agree with Jam - integrative medicine docs are the best way to go.

    Anyways, you have lots of company here! :)

  5. cal-bunnygirl

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    I've had the opposite experience myself. I feel like I've been ripped off and taken advantage by more alternative type docs and have wasted sooo much $ on supps that never helped me.

    I have had great MDs. My MDs are the only people who have helped me and who have tried to save me $ and treated me with respect and always believed that I was truely sick. I've had MDs who helped me get disability and didn't lie. While the more alternative or holistic docs would claim they could cure me and would end up blaming me or saying I was just "toxic" etc or that I was sick due to our modern life.

    I think docs do recommend a few supps that have been found to work for CFS and fibro patients but they won't try to just sell you stuff of recommend things that they have no proof of it helping. There are docs out there doing research and trying their best to treat patients, but if we don't donate $ to research and get involved, there aren't going to be solid treatment options out there.

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