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  1. allhart

    allhart New Member

    how did you all find your drs ?
    did you know if he treated this before you saw him?
  2. allhart

    allhart New Member

    how did you all find your drs ?
    did you know if he treated this before you saw him?
  3. karen2002

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    After going through tons of Docs--only to have them shake their heads disbelievingly at me, resulting in frustration and exhaustion on my part...I found a Doctor on this sites "Good Doctor List", and phoned. I asked the receptionist if she could give me an estimated number of FM/CFS patients he treated presently. Although he is a couple hours drive from my home, it has been well worth it! I have had three appointments so far, he even spoke with me on the phone when I difficulties with new medication. I am extremely pleased, thus far. I would never see another Doctor, now, without first finding out if he/she treated FM/CFS, as it is a waste of time, and money.
    The exception to this, is a specialist, such as my urologist, who is neccessary as I have a mass on a kidney. But I put my FM/CFS Doc...at the top of the heirarchy.
    All meds, treatments, etc. from the Urologist would go through the FM/CFS Doc first, as he is treating my body as a whole.
  4. allhart

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    i have never been able to find the dr list for this site tried agin tonight failed agin
  5. Kathryn

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    I found two doctors in my area that were on the list. One no longer treats fms patients, and the other treats by prescribing narcotics, which I am allergic to. I took the list of member doctors for my new insurance plan & let my fingers do the walking. I took the first one who was both accepting new patients and sounded like she had a passing aquaintance with the problem. Still have not met her, as she is on maternity leave until after the first of the year. It will also be my first experience with a female doc, so I am hopeful that she is sympathetic to a problem that affects mainly females.
  6. TracyV

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    Called them up and asked if they had other pations with FM, there thoughts on it and how they treated it. Ask lots of questions, ask if they thing it's something in our heads or if they think it's just something that medical science hasn't figured out yet. Ask if they think it's cause by depression? Make sure they are willing to keep up with research about it also. I got to point where if I didn't get treated properly with respect any other ill person would I was just going to walk out with in the middle of the visit and not pay.
  7. allhart

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    thanks for the responses the only pain places in the yelloe pages seem to be chriorpractor which i need a pc before i do that,this is the second time in 3 years i had to try and find a new dr im going to call a few this moring,did they realy tell you up front if the just treated with antidepressents?
  8. AnnetteP

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    I found my dr. by calling Great Smokies Diagnostic Lab (www.gsdl.com/). They gave me the names of a couple of dr.s in my area, and from there I asked around at health food stores, and my homeopathic vet, for references. Then, I called the office of one of them (a female dr.) and asked questions. I have been with her for a year now and she has changed my life. If you choose a dr. who uses this lab's services, generally you are going to find a dr. who gets to the root cause, as much as is possible, and doesn't just give you pain killers and/or anti-depressants (I take neither, btw). Prior to this dr. I did see another dr. who used this lab, but he was awful! So, if you do go this route, make sure you have your questions lined up, before you call the office, and run them by the receptionist to be sure that dr. is what you are looking for.

    Good luck,