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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by FMsolider, Jun 30, 2006.

  1. FMsolider

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    I am just curious if anyone, here ever ordered drugs off the internet without a prescription? I always thought that was ilegal but, some of these ads make it seem like it is not. I'm confused! What are your thoughts?
  2. millennia

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    I've never done it, but I've heard some horror stories. One of those companies was painting pills to look like the prescription they were claiming it was, and the stuff they used to color the pills was toxic. Like it's not bad enough that they were trying to pass off one medicine for another. You don't know what you're getting at those sites.

    I just looked at your profile, my birthday is Oct 28th, another proud scorpio here!
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    I think it was Dateline who recently ran a story revealing how fake drug companies are loading the market with dangerous crap instead of the real thing.

    People are dying from this....it did go into detail to show the ingredients they used instead of the drug. I think the color was from the stuff they paint road lines with.

    One of the main ingredients in one of the fake drugs was drywall, ground up.

    These products are making their way into our pharmacy shelves too, so none of us are immune. But since this has become such a money maker, I'd be leary of trying something like this.

    I wonder too at the legallity of this...and if you don't have a prescription, why would you want to order from the internet?


    Nancy B
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    This wasn't something I was really planning on doing...just wondering if anybody ever had success with it. I think everyone here knows what it feels like to be in pain and not have any relief. I just wonder how this sites stay in existance.
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    I am pagan too! We have a lot in common!!Too bad we have this horrible illness in common as well. Glad to hear from an other, "decent," Pagan parent.
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    I have mentioned this to people before to see what kind of response I got and they all told me NO-DO NOT ORDER MEDS. ONLINE. Pretty much the same reasons mentioned here in other responses. I was told by one person that it is illegal for some to even be offering meds. to sell online and that you could get in trouble to for buying them. You just never know what your really getting. Some take your money and never send you the meds. A lot are scams.