drug shortages and Drs not wanting to prescribe certain meds

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  1. AuntTammie

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    I wonder if the reason for all the med shortages and Drs being unwilling to prescribe certain meds lately is that the drug companies want people to use the newer, more expensive drugs instead..... Drs are certainly being educated to push those drugs on us (& guess who are the groups responsible for much of the Dr's education?)

    They try to say that it has to do with safety & addiction, but while I am not big on taking meds in general, I don't think that the stated main concerns with many of the older drugs are really the reason (people with chronic pain are usually not addicts, for one thing, and I have not seen any studies showing other big problems with many of the older meds....there are a few notable problems, of course, like the antipsychotic meds and the MOA inhibitors if combined with other things....and the possibility of serontonin syndrome....and going off of many meds is a problem)....still, even if safety is a valid concern, the newer meds have not truly proven their safety yet...and they certainly come with their share of side effects.

    The testing required to get them approved is not nearly as rigorous as people are led to believe, and it does not show the long term effects at all (most studies are about 4 weeks long)....and it also doesn't show the effects of stopping them after any length of time....I bet that many of the concerns with the older drugs still exist in the newer meds....they just haven't been in use long enough to show up yet.

    However, newer meds have patents so there are no generic versions, so the drug companies make more money off of them....even though they obviously do not work for many of us, and even though the result is that meds that have been shown to help some of us are getting harder to get a hold of.....Like I said, I generally do not take meds, have bad reactions to many of them, and have been harmed by at least a few (not that I can prove it, though)....still, it makes me mad that so many people who are being helped by older meds are now having them taken away, bc of the newer, ineffective ones...and I bet the guise of making them safer is just that - a guise to hide the true motivation - the bottom line.
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    Several of the medications that my doctor has prescribe me are the older ones since their track record is longer and hopefully most of the side effects are known. Hopefully.

    Unless a drug comes out that seems to be a miracle drug, I prefer having the older ones prescribed. Older could mean three to five years.

    While I am not so sure the drug companies are directly planning this, I think that it is certainly a factor why medications are more expensive.

    Frankly, I think a lot of the problems have to do with the advertising world and not only with medical issues.

    Take care.
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    I'm not sure what you mean about the problems having to do with the advertising world, bc the ads are out there due to the drug companies, which seems to fit in with my point about the bottom line.....could you explain further, please?
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    Ijust tried to get my liquid morphine filled and the pharmacy said they couldnt fill it and didnt know if they would ever be able to or not for a very long time stated it was a nationwide shortage. I have been on it 7-8 yrs without any major side effects and then only thing that has helped with the pain and given me back some quality of life. I felt fairly safe taking as it has been around for many years unlike some of the new drugs they are pushing. I am afraid of the newer ones! My morphine is pretty cheap also unlike the newer ones. I dont know what I will do now for pain control, this the only that has helped me and now they are taking it away and I have tried most everything else. I called medicare drug coverage and they told me medicare is going to quit allowing narcotic drug coverage on plans. I thought according to the plans for medicare if a drug was going to be dropped from the formulary they had to give you 90 days notice to switch over to an alternative drug and furnish the drug during that time, thats what I was told when I signed up with them. Rotten scoundrels!
  5. shari1677

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    I didn't know they prescribed liquid morphine. I'm currently on very high-dose Norco and I think I'm about ready to make a leap to a new narcotic.

    WHAT WILL YOU DO IF THEY WILL NOT ALLOW NARCOTIC COVERAGE ANYMORE? I can't imagine my life without these pain killers and I feel for anyone who cannot get it because of insurance denial.
  6. gapsych

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    I probably did not make myself clear.

    I think the advertising industry and the way they market things are downright repugnant.

    Want your hair to look like a movie star? Use this shampoo!! Want to lose weight? Try this product even though you may be at a healthy weight. Frankly, most of the people would probably look good if they washed their hair with Pine Sol.

    I think the cost of advertising ups the price of any produce. Makes people think that, like Lyrica, just take this pill and you will be cured, which certainly does not help people understand what we are going through. As for medical ads, I would rather see that money go towards medical research, quality doctors, etc.

    I don't think it is necessarily a conspiracy but capitalism at work and greed.

    If that does not clear up what I was trying to say, sorry, but you know how this brain fog can be. LOL.

  7. loto

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    I think it's all the drug companies also trying to push the new drugs. i would be leary to try any new drug out there for fear of long term effects, also. I keep hearing of this pain med shortage. Which pain med are they claiming there is a shortage of?? So far where I live I am still able to get my vicodin refilled when i need it. (after several trips to my neighborhood kroger pharmacy i have to constantly remind the workers there that I have 2 insurances and they need to run it through both places!!!! i finally got fed up yesterday (the 3rd day i stopped to get the refiil, and asked the worker (not a pharmacist) what the hell was going on! told her i was tired of having to tell them each time that between the 2 ins. places, i do not have to pay out of pocket for this damn medicine!!!!! she said, "well it's been run through". i said "well yesterday when i stopped here the other girl said it hadn't been run through yet and it would be about 20 minutes". well, that p'd me off cause i didn't have time to wait, so I told her, okay, i'll be back tomorrow at this time to pick it up. Ok, so when tomorrow got here, which was yesterday, they didn't even run it through so it would be ready for me!!!!!! so, after getting even more flustered with the current worker, she probably got scared of me and said, "i'll try to run it through again", and came back a couple minutes----mind you a COUPLE minutes, and said, "oh, you were right, it went through, so you don't have to pay anything." I said, "yes, i knew i was right, i've been getting this same med and others here for a few years now, and i think i know what i have to pay, and what i don't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" the problem with that place is they don't train their workers enough to check the names and make sure they run the scrips through the system correctly!!! and it seems every time i go there they have someone different working! i just don't get it! i feel bad enough that i have to go there a few times a month to get my meds, but they make me feel worse and stupid because they don't know what they're doing!!!!!! so, i've decided i'm going to make a complaint to that pharmacy about it all. If it wasn't the closet pharmacy to me I'd switch to somewhere else.
    Sorry! I totally got off the subject, but this post reminded me of my experience!
    i do totally agree with you, and i hope my doctor never suggests i try a new med.
  8. AuntTammie

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    I'm sorry to hear that you are not going to be able to get the med that helps you any longer. I am on Medicare, too, and I had not heard about this one yet, either. Like I said before, I mostly do not take meds, but I like knowing that if I need them, they are available. It's kind of scary that they are discontinuing coverage of another entire grp of drugs when they are already so limited on what they will cover....I do know, though, that some of the meds they won't cover, like the benzos are pretty cheap, so maybe some people will still be able to afford the ones they need even if coverage is stopped....that is IF of course, the Drs will prescribe them and IF there is not a supposed shortage going on.....still, it's ridiculous that we have to use coverage that doesn't really cover much of the treatments that help (and I am not talking just about meds now, either....so many of the possible alternative treatments that have been shown to be helpful are also not covered.)
  9. AuntTammie

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    Thanks for clarifying. That does make a lot more sense now that you explained further. I think, though, that capitalism and greed are what run the drug companies, for the most part, and they wouldn't be advertising if it weren't beneficial. I definitely do agree that the entire advertising industry, in general, is awful. Your comment about Pine Sol shampoo cracked me up, too. : )

    I would love to see the money go towards research; however, much of the time even when it does, the drug companies are skewing the results to positively affect their bottom line. You don't even have to look to the latest drug company scandal to demonstrate that. Prozac is actually a perfect exp. There were so many things wrong with the research that brought that drug into being. I don't have the time or energy to go into all that now, and I'm not sure how many people would want to read about it anyway, but I have read enough to be skeptical of the drug companies.

    I realize that I sound cynical and I don't like to be that way. I am sure that there are people involved with all this who do want to do something good, and are not all about money....and I do know that those drugs have helped a lot of people. Unfortunately, the more I read about it, the more I suspect that the majority are simply in it for the money. That wouldn't even bother me all that much if their profit was not at our expense.
  10. AuntTammie

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    I have heard of various drug shortages (esp for narcotic pain meds), a push to take Darvocet off the market entirely, and also of more and more Drs refusing to prescribe benzos and pain meds, except for Lyrica and Cymbalta...the supposedly proven ones - I wonder what they are going to do now that Lyrica is not so proven anymore thanks to the researcher scandal?

    & wow - your pharmacy experiences sound kind of crazy - sorry you are having to deal with that.
  11. Beadlady

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    meds from a mail in pharmacy? I had that for a couple of years and it was great. This was a mail in pharmacy from the insurance company though and people who took maintenance drugs were required to get their meds that way.

    Not sure about your area, but here there are several pharmacies that will deliver medications.
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    I agree that the drug companys are just gready b@st#rd*s, and it really disgusts me how the Drs. keep trying to push Lyrica & Cymbalta off on most of us- I believe they need to revamp there approval process, so much of these new medicines haven't been tested long enough or properly, even the vaccines-or maybe I should say especially the vaccines.

    Aside from the RAMPANT cases of Autism these days, which shouldn't be happening- used to be Autism was not seen alot, now a days I'd say most people personally know autistic kids, or have autistic kids of there own!! It makes me wonder what they did?? Childhood vaccines used to be safe, when I was a kid, and that wasn't to awful long ago- late 60's early 70s.
    Another that gets me is GARDASIL, the new HPV vaccine. Last year I swear you'd see that commercial every time you turn around, This year I can't recall seeing it at all. (oh-yeah the Cymbalta/Lyrica took their place) LOL??? In my belief EDUCATION would be MUCH better for that problem!! I've personally been affected terribly by HPV, but I'll tell you what....if I had a young daughter she sure as heck WOULDN'T be getting that vaccination.....it hasn't been tested long enough or probably even throughly....it's ruining the lives of LITTLE girls everyday. Just last week I learned of an eleven y.o. that is in a coma from it, it's killed at least 27 children. I guess that their thinking is "Well If We Lose a Few Hundred, or even Thousands of kids, We Will Have Possibly Sparred Some from Contracting a Few Strains of HPV".......Ha there are over 100 strains of it!!!!

    Wow, sorry I went off on vaccines, but it all comes back to the greedy drug makers, and Drs. telling us this stuff is SAFE ( when they really don't know for sure) Oh, and once a drug has RUINED YOUR WORLD, no doc even wants to hear about it & they sure as heck won't ADMIT that it could've caused you a boat load of health problems !!! I know from personal experience with one drug for sure that I was getting for the 15 months prior to experiencing ANY bad health.....other than sinus issues. I was a Vibrant, Hard working, Couldn't Keep Me Down kind of young lady. As we all know that has changed...(or else I wouldn't be here !!)
  13. loto

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