Drugs.com site, cool new MedNotes.

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by mom2many, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. mom2many

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    I love Drugs.com, I can look up all my meds and see everything I need to know but they now have MedNotes. You can type in all the meds (and any notes about it, when you take it, ect..), conditions and than all your info can be printed out and you can take a copy to your Dr and it also prints out a smaller one that you can keep in your purse or wallet.

    It also give you warning about your meds, you can sign up to be emailed about your meds and or your conditions.

    When your on the 1st page (drug list) there is a little "Printable Medication Record" button on the right across from the words "Current drugs", it toke me forever to find this.

    Check it out!
  2. mom2many

    mom2many New Member

    I printed this out yesterday and the nurse and the Dr thought it was an awesome idea and wished there other patients would use the MedNotes.
    They both thought it was great to have all my meds with the notes and all my allergies and stuff all right there and if I forgot it I could just go online at the Dr.'s office and print it right there for them.

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