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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lwarfield, May 24, 2009.

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    Hi. I am new to the board. Looks like a nice community-and I definitely need one.

    Has anyone experienced having mirapex or requip creaete manic and depression issues? Taking these meds affected me this way, so I was given antidepressants. In the last year I found out that my anger explosions were manic symptoms and it, along with the antidepressants, caused Bipolar symptoms. So, now, I have fibro, epilepsy and Bipolar Disorder.

    During this process, I did have 1 anger explosion on 2 sibilings (which I apologized for) and this, coupled with 3 years of sad stories & suicididal ideation stories over the phone due to the fibro diagonsis/pain, they have decided to cut me out of their life. They feel I am a burden and stressful. Interestingly, I live across the country from them and have only talked to them occassionally. My friend who knows my family well says that they just can't deal with anything other than their own lives and that it is awful that they are dumping me this way.

    Also, being only 6 years new to this area of the country, the few friends I have had all decided that they can't tolerate my canceling appointments, etc. due to my illness and my behavior not being as positive our confident as it once was (no outbursts on them have occurred.) Only 1 friend remains true. I feel really ALONE with this illness.

    Has anyone experienced this much isolation? Do people really not understand this illness that much? Any idea of a new drug?

    Thanks, Lori

  2. AuntTammie

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    sorry things are so rough for you rt now....I don't have a lot to suggest, but I do want you to know that many (far too many) of us understand....and yes, isolation is an unfortunate reality for a lot of us....even those w/o our illnesses who try to understand don't really get it, but the sad thing is that most don't even try to understand....the good thing is that there are some people who do make that effort and when you find them, you know that you have found true friends.....since you are not getting the support in your life that you need, though, I am glad you found us....there are a lot of really great people here and they will give you support, caring, and advice/resources/info, etc

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