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    There appears to be a conspirancy between the drug companies and the FDA. GlaxoSmithKline quit making Dexedrine 5 mg tablets and started making the Dexedrine Spansules Time Release). The Spansules do not work for me. I tried the generic dexedrine 5mg tablets but they do not work. There used to be three suppliers for the generic version. The only one left is Barr and it is the least effective.

    I then went to Dextrostat (close to Dexedrine) it worked a lot better than the generic dexedrine tablets or Dexedrine Spansules. Now Shire has quit making Dextrostat.

    I found out that GlaxoSmithKline Canada makes the same Dexedrine 5mg tablets that GlaxoSmithKline used to make in the US. I have written to the FDA, both GSK US and Canada as well as my representative and Senators in an attempt to get GSK US to either start making Dexedrine 5mg tablets or import them from Canada. The FDA indicated that GSK US could import from Canada and get FDA approval. This should be relative simple since GSK US previously had FDA approval for their Dexedrine 5mg tablets.

    Interested in suggestions on how to get drug companies to think about the well being of patients rather than dollars. Numerous doctors support the use of Dexedrine for the treatment of the effects of CFS.