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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by zerped, Oct 22, 2005.

  1. zerped

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    Just thinking back to my last vacation, and how I miss Mazatlan and the ocean, the heat, the dryness and almost no symptoms! I bought several meds while I was there, however, and they were a big help when I got back home. None of the pharmacists I spoke to there had ever heard of Vicodin, but a ton of different meds used something called "paracetamol" where you would normally find "acetominaphen."

    In Portland here, we're 6 hours from the Canadian border and three hours' air time to Mexico. Has anyone discovered useful drugs elsewhere that aren't available here? Has anyone taken a trip across the border specifically to get meds? Anyone gone on a "med shopping trip" like I've seen on the news? If there are things that do better job of helping us, we need to know what they are.

  2. BethM

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    if the labels were written in Spanish, "paracetamol" may well be "acetominaphen", which is generic for Tylenol!

    Please be careful in translating labels, could be tricky. Also, if I were buying drugs in Mexico, I'd want to know where they are made, as I'd worry about contaminants. The US drug market may have its faults, but there are strict regulations about purity and cleanliness here in manufacturing plants.

    just my 2.5 cents!

  3. dunnlb

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    I order medicines all the time from 4 Corners Pharmacy and Pharmacy Geoff, two reliable offshore online pharmacies.

    I don't think they have anything different from our pharmacies, but it is so convenient. The meds come in blister packs or sealed bottles, nothing suspicious about their packaging. It takes about 7 days to receive them.
    Pharmacy Geoff even has Cymbalta (under generics).

    I HATE going to doctors (and don't have a lot of confidence in them) and like having medicines that I might need periodically, like antibiotics. Most people know when they have a urinary tract infection, and it's such a waste of time to have to make dr.'s appt.

    Diabetic meds, Lipitor and Fosamax are much cheaper online.
  4. jake123

    jake123 New Member

    They got some big Cipro and some not so big
    ampicillin. They also got a small amount of vallium.
    Randy was crazy enough to get some Cialis. His wife told him he might have to see-Alice allright/

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