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  1. debra22

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    My doctor has me on oxycontin,flexaril and elavil and I am having a real problem with depression.I forgot to add that I suffer with fibro.
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  2. obrnlc

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    hi debra--
    you didn't mention what your illness was or why you take the meds (i see you are new, welcome to the board) but with fibro/cfs, it is pretty normal to have a certain amount of depression set in--our lives are overwhelmingly flipped upside down, no one believes us, etc.
    you are on elavil, but please talk to your doc---you may need to talk with someone who can help you deal with this.
    good luck--L
  3. suzette1954

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    Depression comes with the fibro, partly because it changes our life as we knew it and I have been depressed my whole life.

    Does the oxycontin completely stop the pain? Im asking because my rheumy mentioned it at the last visit in the same sentence as I will not prescribe anything stronger than what you are already on. I am never pain-free. Ever!

    Please make an appt with someone to talk to. It has helped me so much.

    Someone is always here to support you and we always understand what you are going through.

  4. debra22

    debra22 New Member

    The oxycontin does help but I also take Elavil & Xanax and it really seems it makes me more depressed.
  5. findmind

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    What is your pain level with the oxycontin? If it is helping a lot, maybe you could lower it a bit?

    Depression is so common with FM and finding a support group or counselor who is good with chronic illness patients is so helpful. Maybe you could find one? Do search above in the purple tab sections to see if one is listed near you, either a dr, social worker, support group, etc.

    I found I needed something outside myself to lift my depression; helping a spt group with their meetings was it. I also find when I'm completely absorbed with something (reading, painting, cooking a new recipe), I forget myself and my pain and depression.

    Its hard to get "started" on something when we're depressed; maybe a buddy could help you be active in something?

    I wish you serenity and acceptance of the "now" just as it is...growth comes of such trials sometimes.

    Bless you,