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    I have been having problems with my eyes being dry and irritated. My vision actually gets blurry. I went to see an opthomologist in the spring and he said my eyes were showing signs of dryness and gave me some samples of eye drops. I am using the Systane eye drops. My question is, have any of you ladies had to give up wearing eye makeup because it irritates your eyes? I am wondering if that is what I'm needing to do. But, I sure don't want to! I use mineral makeup.

    Thanks for any advice,
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    My eyes have been giving me so much trouble, I actually had to get up, in the middle of the night, last night, to put drops in my eyes. My eyes were so irritated! When you girls say you gave up all eye makeup, does that include mascara? Without that I won't have any eyelashes! Vanity, Vanity!!! Ha! Ha!
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    The makeup isn't causing the dry eyes. It's the DD. I have had this problem too, but it's much better now. You might not want to wear eye makeup just because with you eyes being so dry it could be a problem if you would get makup in your eye.

    The burring is also the DD. I have had mine even double at times. All this has improved for me with time, but starts flairing up again when I over do or am over stressed and start crashing.

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    I hate to say it but as we age, our eyes become less moist, period. It will happen with or without a DD.

    No, I haven't given up wearing eye makeup due to my eyes being so dry but I am more careful when applying it.
    Since the mineral makeups are wonderful but powdery and apt to get into our eyes, I use a tinted moisturizer now instead.

    I will have makeup on when I die and my last words will be "How's my hair?" When I let those things go I swear I feel worse.

    Let's hear it for vanity!

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    i've had this very badly.

    putting healthy oils and fats into my diet made a difference i first started taking Udo's oil, found in health food stores. Right away i noticed my eyes felt better.

    then during an eye exam i asked about my red, irritated eyes, and doctor told me to wash lids, esp around the eyelashes, with Johnson's baby shampoo. i do this every morning now. i should say wash and rinse. i use warm water and a clean washcloth to rinse repeatedly (run washcloth under tap). this seems to help, too.

    he prescribed Genteal for eye lubricant. and i use it from time to time.

    after putting myself on coconut oil (@2 TBsp/day) i seemed to get further relief. i go days now without using Genteal eyedrops)

    hope that helps- sascha