Dry eyes, anyone?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Zappedme, Mar 1, 2003.

  1. Zappedme

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    I don't know if this goes hand in hand with my hypo-thyroidism but in 94, my eyes dried up so severely, I had to put ointment in my eyes to lubricate them a bazillion times per day.

    I finally had plugs inserted in my tear ducts ~ two plugs in one eye, one in the other. It really has helped but dry winter weather dries them out.

    Does anybody else have this problem? Does anybody know what causes it?

  2. Shirl

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    Hi, welcome to the board. I can't help with the dry eyes, but I have heard it mentioned here before.

    Hopefully someone can help.

    Again, a big welcome to you.

    Shalom, Shirl
  3. JLH

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    You need to talk with a Rheumy about a condition called Sjorgren's Syndrome. It causes dry eyes and sometimes a dry mouth. There are things that can help you.
  4. nct

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    I wear contacts, and that might be responsible for some of my dry eye
    problems. But I was also just diagnosed hypothyroid, and am taking natural
    thyroid grains.
    I hope someone hops on with the answer.

  5. Zappedme

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    To Spacee: How much Borage oil does your sister take? And, is it water soluable? I can't wait to try it.

    To NCT: I heard a long time ago that you can get contacts that don't let as much air through the contacts to dry your eyes! You might want to check out this info.

    To JLH: I've read a few things about Sjorgrens Syndrome but nobody has ever said what can be done about it! THANK YOU ~ I'm talk to Rheumy about it. I'd like to learn more about it.

    To Shirl: THANK YOU for welcoming me, a new comer to the board. I thought I might have come on too strong at first. If it seemed that way, it was ONLY because I was SO excited to find this page!

    to everybody!!

    OH NO. I swear I didn't put that icon in there. I don't know how to delete it. HELP. [This Message was Edited on 03/03/2003]
  6. Cactuslil

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    I think I mispelled that word and I had very limited understanding of this syndrome until I began this oral surgery nightmare round three weeks ago.
    It CAN affect any gland. Basically Sjorgens falls under a connective/collagen disease wherein all the naturally ocurring fluid either is produced or passed about.

    It was confirmed in my recent oral surgery that my salivary glands were not working. Duh? I had complained for years and only told to watch out for anticholergenics, valid considering the IBS!!

    I have also found info..of worth about Sj in Arthritis publications. By the way, aside from eye drops, there are oral drops and sprays. Regarding the oral cavity, it can become so severe a permanent trach has to be installed, especially if one has limited ability to swallow; the tongue continues to enlarge and forms large fissures; ultimately it too, has to be removed. CactusLil'
  7. healing

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    I use Refresh Plus eyedrops (recommended by my opthomologist) 2-3 times a day in my normal humid environment. But my work frequently requires me to travel to the southwestern US where it is really arid, and between the dry airplane air and the even drier external environment, my eyes are like burnt toast. I still wear mascara, too -- go figure!
  8. Fibromiester

    Fibromiester New Member

    I have had dry-eye for a few years, my ophthalmologist told me to use OTC "tears". And I have had a mild problem with Dry Mouth- due to the drugs I was on. But lately, my eyes are really dry and gritty and my mouth dries up so fast I can't talk! My Eye DR. and Dentist both say: Sjogrens'.
    My Dentist wrote an Rx for "Salagen", which is supposed to help the salivary glands within the next 12 wks. or so...
    Zapped~ Are you having any problems with dry mouth? Etc?
    Hoped this helped...
  9. Zappedme

    Zappedme New Member

    I'm very grateful to all of you for all your ideas. I'm going to get everything & try it all.

    I have one plug in the tear duct in my right eye & two plugs in tear ducts in my left eye. My right eye is fine but I've always had problems with the left.

    Plugs, by the way, keep tears from draining out of our eyes.

    About a year ago, I was using eye gel. I accidently picked up the wrong tube & put a drop of salycylic acid that I put on a plantar's wart on the bottom of my foot ~ in my left eye!! The pain was excrutiating & I was hysterical. Fortunately, a friend was here & flushed my eye for as long as I could stand the pain, then rushed me to my Opthalmologist where he told me I hadn't hurt my eyes permanently!!

    About a week ago, I noticed that the same eye was bloody red for no reason at all & there's still a red spot that isn't going away yet!! I had to be led to my doctor every morning for a week.

    One thing he told me to try for dry eyes is to put a few drops of BABY SHAMPOO in a little water & with a Q-tip, wash along my lash lines. He said it's the same treatment for blepharitis ~ incase you want to look it up.

    Because I had shock treatments, I'm usually kind of brain dead ~ thus my name 'zappedme.'

    THANKS for all the reminders that I had completely forgotten!
  10. toots2

    toots2 New Member

    I also suffered from what I thought was dry eye but it ended up being SLK, which mimics dry eye, but it caused by the connective tissue problems some of us with fibro have in our eyes. The plugs did not help and I also used bottles and bottles of artificial tears to no avail. What happens is I get red whelps in the white part of my eyes. This is what causes the irritation. It isn't dry eye at all. If your problems persist, I would suggest you see a corneal specialist and ask him about SLK, superior limbic keritoconjunctivitis. Hope this helps. Toots
  11. Alicensk

    Alicensk New Member

    I've had dry eyes for 12+ years; if I put drops in at regular intervals (about every 4-5 hrs) during the day, my eyes don't bother me too much most days. Different drops work better for some people than others. Refresh LiquidGel is one I use when my eyes are worse; it's very soothing. I use Celluvisc when they're the worst -- it's very thick, so your vision is blurry for about 15 minutes. You can tell that my problem isn't nearly as bad as some have, since I haven't had to use ointment. My sympathy to those who have to get their tear ducts plugged so the drops will stay in their eyes and give them some relief.
  12. evileva

    evileva New Member

    I was just diagnosed with dry eyes a few months ago and the doc told me to use the artificial tears several times a day and if that doesn't work then she wants to put the tubes in the eye ducts. So far so good, i just hope it continues to work. Good luck.
  13. AC77

    AC77 New Member

    A Humidifier might help. I have punctal plugs in my tear ducts too. They sort of help. I don't think I noticed tear drops of being much effect for me. A nice rest from contact lenses, if you wear them and a relaxing, not too cold ice mask or pack on your eyes might help sooth them. I know I do it to get rid of these darn circles under my eyes. Which reminds me. I am gonna start a thread about that! dark circles.
  14. PatPalmer

    PatPalmer New Member

    I posted this article the other day, hope it helps you...

    Dry eyes may occur when the tear ducts are not producing enough fluid called tears to keep the eyes wet and moist and this results in both burning and irritation. This problem is more common in women than in men, and women's vulnerability increases after menopause. People who wear contact lens are especially likely to have dry eye problems. Dry eyes normally involves a lack or deficiency of vitamin A, and is more likely to affect persons over 65 years old, however younger people may get it probably mainly due to poor eating habits. Some drugs are known to inhibit tear production or change the composition of tears, including antihistamines, decongestants, and the drugs used to control both Parkinson's disease and for high blood pressure. ...more

    Nutrient / Supplement Importance
    Helpful notes
    vitamin A - helpful for dry eyes, note tears contain vitamin A in them, and this vitamin is also very important for general Eye health
    Carotenoids work with vitamin A and are needed for all eye problems.
    Essential fatty acids protects and aids in the repair of new cells and body tissues. Fatty acids are found in omega natural sources like fish oil, flax seed oil, and borage seed oil.

    Inositol -important for both the eyes and the brain.
    Calcium - need more if your tear ducts are swollen
    Magnesium - mineral that works with calcium
    Bioflavonoids - agents that promote the production of natural healing elements in the body.
    Red Clover - a herb that helps to detoxify the blood
    Dandelion -herb that works with Red clover
    vitamin C works with bioflavonoids
    Multi-vitamin & Mineral supplement contains vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, selenium, zinc, which all are helpful for eye health. It will also provide raw materials needed for good health and well being.
    Zinc - This mineral is essential in activating vitamin A from the liver.
    Selenium - mineral that helps healing and works with zinc

    Note if you have dry eyes. It can be an indication of a more serious health condition, such as rheumatoid arthritis or lupus. And, constant irritation to the eye as a result of dryness can result in injury and damage to your overall eye health. There is also a disease called Sjogren's syndrome which is a disorder that can cause dryness in the eyes. If your tear ducts are swollen, add more calcium to your diet and also avoid processed and refined foods as well as "fast" foods. Hair dryers can also be a problem, it would be better to let your hair to dry naturally. If you need to use a hair dryer the protect your eyes from direct heat blasts from the hair dryer.

    You may want to avoid products that claim they can "get the red out." Some over the counter eye drops which are used to relieve red and sore eyes contain chemicals called vasoconstrictors that can cause dry eyes even more, especially if you use them for a long time.


    - drink steam distilled water (6-8 glasses a day)
    - avoid alcohol
    - avoid saturated fats and fried foods they stress the liver
    - eat high fiber diet (brown rice and millet are good)
    - make sure to get vitamin A, C, and E
    - reduced sugar, candy, etc...
    - avoid caffeine, hydrogenated oils, fried foods, meat, soft drinks
    - reduce dairy products in your diet
    - fasting a few days a month
    - use humidifier so air is not too dry especially in winter with furnace drying the air
    - avoid cigarette smoke and second hand smoke
    - PRAY ... prayer helps with healing

    Love the last line, if all else fails, prey.....

    Love Pat.
  15. dianneikka

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    I have had dry eyes and dry mouth for years. Have had CFS and FM for 8 years. Diagnosed Hypothyroid in 1986, never knew there was any connection; but problem didn't start until about 7 years ago. Five years ago I had thyroidectomy due to thyroid cancer and at a couple of my post-op appointments the surgeon kept mentioning how dry my mouth was. He mentioned Sjgoren's Syndrome. I never pursued it, I have enough syndromes to deal with and neither did he. My eye doctor had suggested I have the procedure you mentioned, I made the appointment with the specialist, but I never went. The eyes seem to come in bouts of severity; I was just recently at my eye doctor and he felt I should be always putting drops in at least 3 times a day, everyday. I did that for a month and it did help the tearing most of the time, but it got to the point where my eyes felt very uncomfortable; so now I have cut back and am only putting the drops in once or twice a day and will experiment to see how that goes. For my dry mouth, I am a huge water drinker and if I don't drink for say a half an hour, my mouth is just so, so parched. I get cracks at the corners of my mouth from the dryness quite frequently and have to use this special cream. Sorry to have been so long winded to your very short question. This is my first time on this site, so I got carried away. Keep well.
  16. Zappedme

    Zappedme New Member

    I just wrote down what SLK is. Phew. I'm going to make sure I don't have it. Who knows.

    I've been so stressed out lately, my eyes have dried out even more & physically, I haven't felt good for too long.

    I have too many fun things to do so I'm trying to get all my health problems straightened out so I don't have to stay in bed & work on hobbies.

    I admit, I have to vacuum off my bed before I go to sleep at night but it's because I've been cutting wire, making containers to hold things. Fortunately, I'm single & have a full sized bed. There's only enough room for one body. I vacuum up little pieces of wire.

    THANKS again.
  17. Zappedme

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    I definitely have (pronounced SHOW-grin's) syndrome. I wore contacts for a very short time but my eyes, in 1980 were so dry, I had to stop wearing them.

    I've been able to find out that if your eyes are dry & you wear contacts, you can get a type of contact that might help.

    As for me, I'm needing a 3rd plug in my left eye & a second in my right. This time, though, I might have my tear ducts cauterized ~ at least the ones that I have plugs in. I had that option when I got the plugs but I wasn't sure if the dryness would go away. Now, I know.


    *I take Levoxyl, a synthetic replacement. I have to go to an Endocrinologist, at my doctor's request. I've heard that organic thyroid works better. I've also heard that some people benefit for letting a pill melt under their tongue!! I'm not going to try anything until I talk to a Specialist.

    Thyroid hormone gives each cell in our bodies, the energy they need to function. I feel like my eyes are open but all my cells are sound asleep. haha[This Message was Edited on 04/19/2003]
  18. Zappedme

    Zappedme New Member

    If you have to get plugs, go for it, girl. There's absolutely no pain involved.

    They put drops in your eye so you don't feel a thing.

    *I've had it done more than once. One thing you want to make sure they do is deaden both eyes so that you won't have the urge to keep blinking.

    If you don't need them, that's great. But if you do, don't put it off because there's nothing to it.

  19. Zappedme

    Zappedme New Member

    You made a big connection for me!!

    Around 1979, my left salivary gland swelled up after having dental work. I always thought that maybe a piece of something got stuck in the gland. The Dentist probed the duct. I finally decided to eat a pickled to push whatever was in there, out. It worked.

    In the late 80's, for no real reason, the same gland swelled up. I ate a pickle & was ok after that.

    Now I know why & what it is. I haven't had any more problems ~ just those two times.

    THANK YOU from the bottoms of my feet.
  20. Zappedme

    Zappedme New Member

    I'm thankful that you reminded me to dig my humidifer out of the basement.

    When my eyes were severely dry, the only thing that helped was boiling H20 all day long & putting ointment in my eyes a bazillion times per day. I used to spend $80 each month for ointment. The Pharmacist would sell it to me cheaper by buying at least 6 tubes at a time.

    If the plugs aren't working that good, why not get colligen(sp?)plugs that break down after a few days. That way, you'll be able to tell if you need more plugs.

    My eyes are drying up again lately for some reason ~ I'm stressed more than usual. Maybe that's why. I had to get Genteal tears recently that help. I love washing my eyes out in an eye cup with saline solution, then Genteal. They're the oiliest I've used.

    If you start a dark circle forum, would you let me know? I'm not real sure but I might be the perfect candidate.

    **I just read somewhere that in order to keep humidifiers from forming that stuff you have to scrape off, put a copper scrubber in the water ~ not the mechanism. Zappedme2@aol.com. I was thinking about putting some pennies in the water. Does that sound ok to you?