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    I know many of you suffer from dry eyes, - thought this may be of interest, - have cut and altered bits of this article as I have copied from another site. hope it makes sense.

    Dry eyes may occur when the tear ducts are not producing enough fluid called tears to keep the eyes wet and moist and this results in both burning and irritation. This problem is more common in women than in men, and women's vulnerability increases after menopause. People who wear contact lens are especially likely to have dry eye problems. Dry eyes normally involves a lack or deficiency of vitamin A, and is more likely to affect persons over 65 years old, however younger people may get it probably mainly due to poor eating habits. Some drugs are known to inhibit tear production or change the composition of tears, including antihistamines, decongestants, and the drugs used to control both Parkinson's disease and for high blood pressure. ...more

    Nutrient / Supplement Importance
    Helpful notes
    vitamin A - helpful for dry eyes, note tears contain vitamin A in them, and this vitamin is also very important for general Eye health
    Carotenoids work with vitamin A and are needed for all eye problems.
    Essential fatty acids protects and aids in the repair of new cells and body tissues. Fatty acids are found in omega natural sources like fish oil, flax seed oil, and borage seed oil.

    Inositol -important for both the eyes and the brain.
    Calcium - need more if your tear ducts are swollen
    Magnesium - mineral that works with calcium
    Bioflavonoids - agents that promote the production of natural healing elements in the body.
    Red Clover - a herb that helps to detoxify the blood
    Dandelion -herb that works with Red clover
    vitamin C works with bioflavonoids
    Multi-vitamin & Mineral supplement contains vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, selenium, zinc, which all are helpful for eye health. It will also provide raw materials needed for good health and well being.
    Zinc - This mineral is essential in activating vitamin A from the liver.
    Selenium - mineral that helps healing and works with zinc

    Note if you have dry eyes. It can be an indication of a more serious health condition, such as rheumatoid arthritis or lupus. And, constant irritation to the eye as a result of dryness can result in injury and damage to your overall eye health. There is also a disease called Sjogren's syndrome which is a disorder that can cause dryness in the eyes. If your tear ducts are swollen, add more calcium to your diet and also avoid processed and refined foods as well as "fast" foods. Hair dryers can also be a problem, it would be better to let your hair to dry naturally. If you need to use a hair dryer the protect your eyes from direct heat blasts from the hair dryer.

    You may want to avoid products that claim they can "get the red out." Some over the counter eye drops which are used to relieve red and sore eyes contain chemicals called vasoconstrictors that can cause dry eyes even more, especially if you use them for a long time.


    - drink steam distilled water (6-8 glasses a day)
    - avoid alcohol
    - avoid saturated fats and fried foods they stress the liver
    - eat high fiber diet (brown rice and millet are good)
    - make sure to get vitamin A, C, and E
    - reduced sugar, candy, etc...
    - avoid caffeine, hydrogenated oils, fried foods, meat, soft drinks
    - reduce dairy products in your diet
    - fasting a few days a month
    - use humidifier so air is not too dry especially in winter with furnace drying the air
    - avoid cigarette smoke and second hand smoke
    - PRAY ... prayer helps with healing

    Love the last line, if all else fails, prey.....

    Love Pat.
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    I was told in my twenties I had "dry-eye" and sleep with patches. I was working in a road band during this time and sleep was premium; wasn't until I developed "shelazions (sp?) the guys decided the "girl" was maybe right so there ended the red for me.'

    It wasn't until 30 years later the question of Sjordens rears its ugly head! Scratchy et al. but rarely wearing my glasses, only for studio work, I blew it off, Next....

    I started choking. I learned to calm down and breath slowly through my nose. Next was vacation and the unmitigated hell my family rose about my sleep apnea and or snoring!

    For reasons I don't know, I was sent to the sleep lab after a three and 1/2 diabetes monitoring. They announced loudly I would definately be put on a co/machine, with an electric bed. Whats going on? I have a doc appointment but am getting dissapointed as each thing plays out! Love Lil'