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  1. RENA0909

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    I have had dry eyes for years and have used drops now and then but I got a bad infection which was swollen and very sore in my left eye.So went to the eye hospital to get it checked.
    They said I had NO tears at all and that can be the reason for getting the infection......from dust or anything getting in the eye.
    I am now using drops all day and cream at night which is a pain.....no-one ever told me that I needed to use them more.I am going to see someone about it because the wind and sun gives me pain since it got bad.
    Any one else have this??

  2. BabiCati

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    I have had this for years. I use Restasis and over the counter drops, I also keep them clean with baby shampoo. You should see an ophthalmologist so he can be sure your eyes are OK, dry eyes can lead to many problems. with the Restasis you should be able to give up the night eye cream. hope this helps.
  3. PVLady

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    You might want to see a opthmalogist and see if your tear ducts are blocked.

    I used to work for a opthamologist and he was always treating this condition.

  4. beeleaf

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    Restasis and artificial tears user here. Eyes have been on fire since getting a cold a couple weeks ago.

    Hope it clears up soon!
  5. Gothbubbles

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    This morning I woke up and my left eye was swollen. I've been trying to ice it down. I don't know if it's dryness, could just be irritated, and I can hardly see out of it it's so swollen in the fold (I have epicanthal folds)
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    If you tend to have autoimmune type diseases, then the doctor should have instructed you to use PRESERVATIVE FREE eye drops. They are more expensive and come in individual vials in a container.

    Do not touch the vial to your eye to avoid contamination. I put the remainder of the vial in the refrigerator to use later in the day. This slows the development of any bacteria in the left over solution.

    You will know that they are preservative free because you will see PF on the label.

    There are also eyegels. They are thicker and last longer between applications.

    Oh, I just thought of something else. I think that there is a brand that says it is preservative free and comes in a regular eyedrop bottle. It isn't preservative free. The manufacturer claims that the preservative evaporates away quickly after application (or some other side-stepping explanation).
    I copied some stuff under sjogren's disease for you.

    Artificial tears can help. They come in different thicknesses, so you may have to experiment to find the right one. Some drops contain preservatives that might irritate your eyes. Drops without preservatives don't usually bother the eyes. Nonpreserved tears typically come in single-dose packages to prevent contamination with bacteria.

    At night, an eye ointment might provide more relief. Ointments are thicker than artificial tears and moisturize and protect the eye for several hours. They may blur your vision, which is why some people prefer to use them while they sleep.

    Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (Lacriserts*) is a chemical that lubricates the surface of the eye and slows the evaporation of natural tears. It comes in a small pellet that you put in your lower eyelid. When you add artificial tears, the pellet dissolves and forms a film over your own tears that traps the moisture.

    Another alternative is surgery to close the tear ducts that drain tears from the eye. The surgery is called punctal occlusion. For a temporary closure, the doctor inserts collagen or silicone plugs into the ducts. Collagen plugs eventually dissolve, and silicone plugs are "permanent" until they are removed or fall out. For a longer lasting effect, the doctor can use a laser or cautery to seal the ducts.

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  7. Gothbubbles

    Gothbubbles New Member

    My eye is all cleared up now, i iced it for a couple hours. yay!

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