Dry Eyes Causing Severe Pain !!

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  1. RENA0909

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    I have NO tears in my eyes and use eye drops which do not do much good.

    Last year I had to go to eye hospital because I thought I was developing an ulcer on the white of my eye but I just got told to use drops again.

    Two weeks ago my eyes were really sore and aching.They felt so sensitive.My hubby turned the light on at home and I felt as though a lightening bolt had hit me in my right eye!!

    I rang opticians for an emergency appointment and they did full eye exam and said it could be caused by my fibro.I am going to see my doc tomorrow and see what they say(not that they understand fibro)
    and get some different eye drops.

    Does anyone else suffer with this???I feel as though I need to wear sunglasses and keep my blinds closed.Yuk.....It is driving me crazy.

  2. AllWXRider

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    Since the B vitamins are synergistic it's best to take a B complex...but B6 is important for tear production.

    2nd some allergies can make the eyes dry. Try a Netti pot or better yes the NeilMed Nasal Wash. They use Baking Soda (sodium bicarbonate) and salt (sodium chloride). If you have a nasal infection, it may burn a little but otherwise the baking soda breaks up mucus real well.

    Antihistamines dry everything up. If you take them for allergies, they can make for dry eyes.

    3rd a humidifier, even a small room humidifier can do wonders for dry respitory symptoms. The cold artic air is dry already but when you heat it up, the relative humidity is very low.

    Some ppl sleep with their eyes slightly open and so the poor eyeball dries out. The drug stores have black eye masks that may help.
  3. peachums

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    Here is what she told me:
    1) use eye drops without any preservatives- example is thera tears. Use every 4 hours.

    2) at night use eye lubricant with no preservatives- example would be gen-teal.

    3) during the day- close your eyes and with a warm cloth, massage downward on your eyelids. My friend told me her friend did this and it would clear out her tear ducts. It did not
    do that to me but it was refreshing.

    4) watch the cream you are putting close to your eyes. I have switched to non- preservative eye cream--example is clinque.

    5) take fish oil. I take 2 1000 capsules a day. She said that is fine.

    She told me when I feel any pain or burning in my eyes to start the every 4 hours regiment all over again.

    I do feel a lot better.

    Hope this helps.

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  4. mrlondon

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    Do you take any magnesium? A magnesium deficiency is supposedly associated with light sensitivity, and it can also cause eye pain by making the eye muscles tight. Do you have tmj, or jaw pain? Tmj (or myofascial trigger points) can make eye pain worse.

    When you do use eye drops, put some in, wait a minute, and then put more in. This can help to saturate the eyes.

    Have you started any new meds lately? If so, check to see if eye pain is listed as a side effect.

    You might want to take a look at this web page:


    - Mark
  5. RENA0909

    RENA0909 New Member

    Thanks to all who replied!

    I was talking to my hubby last week about a humidifier and I have been checking out neti pots!!!!

    Caledonia.....I am going to look into adrenalin fatigue....though I already eat salmon/sardines/mackrel and also take fish oils!!!

    Peachums............I just bought Theretears today.The gel kind....I hope they are better than the drops I was using!I always do the eye bathing with hot eye pads....the eye docs told me to do it.

    mrlondon......I suffer terrible jaw pain.My whole face clenches when I sleep and I broke a tooth last year so I got my dentist to make me a mouthguard.The worst thing now though is the eye pain......I am like a BAT!!!!!Keeping the blinds closed and not many lights on lol!!If only I could hang upside down I could have a life lol.

    Anyway I went to docs today and he is sending me to speacialist in case it is my fibro causing these problems.He gave me theretears so I will see how I go with them.

    Thanks to all


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