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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kittycamcj, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. kittycamcj

    kittycamcj New Member

    does anyone have problems with there eyes. my eyes water alot.
  2. k5334

    k5334 New Member

    I have problems with dry eyes. I've worn contacts for over 10 years but in the last few years, my eyes are more dry. I don't know if that is a fibro thing or not but that's me.
  3. dragon06

    dragon06 New Member

    Myself and my mom (she has FM too) have always had problems with our eyes. Dry eyes, watery eyes, goopy eyes. Haven't been able to get any diagnosis on it. We use drops called Systane that we got at the pharmacy (nonRX). They work very good.
  4. lv2sing

    lv2sing New Member

    Frequently, those w/ fibro have more autoimmune problems, & can develop additional problems. Sjogrens (pronounced Show-grins) causes dry eyes/nose/mouth due to the body producing too many antibodies, & it basically destroys all the moisture-producing glands. It can effect your internal organs, bladder wall, etc, lungs, esophogus , all due to dryness. If you have a rhuemy, you might have him/her test you, & also see an opthamologist to test for the dryness level of your eyes. Don't ignore this, it can be serious! I've had it for 10 years, & it's not fun!! I hope it's just your meds or something else for your sake, so don't freak out. Just be sure to make an appt. Hope this helps...