Dry eyes?

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    I'm having a terrible time with dry eyes. The eye specialist says to use lubricating drops every hour. {Nearly impossible to do this} I no longer drink coffee, rarely eat chocolate and I drink tons of water. I have switched my eye drops to Thera Tears with no preservatives in them. I use warm heat packs on my eyes several times a day. I've been checked over several times by my eye dr. thinking that I had something in my right eye because it gets so irriated. Does any one have any other ideas to help? Thanks.
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    I also have dry eyes, especially my left eye; it is so bad now that things look blurry a lot of the time. My eye doc recommended taking omega 3s three times per day. Be careful using antihistamines as they can also contribute to dry eyes. Unfortunately this is another symptom of aging! :eek:
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    The best drop I've ever found for dry eyes is Genteal Lubricant Eye Gel for Severe Dry Eye Relief. I get it from Amazon because it's less expensive than from my local Walgreens. If you are interested, be sure and get the Severe rather than the Moderate or Mild.

    It's thick and makes the vision blurry for a few seconds. It clears up very quickly.

    My eye doctor uses these drops, too, and she keeps hers in the fridge. That feels really great.

    My eyes are far less dry than they used to be. I started adding a little good quality salt like Celtic or Himalayan to my water. I had read from the guy who wrote Your Body's Many Cries for Water that adding the salt to water helps you retain the water long enough for it to do you good.

    Of course, some people are salt sensitive or have some other reason for not being able to add more salt to the diet. I eat low on the food chain with very few processed foods, so it's fine for me, and my sodium and potassium levels are always good when I have blood work done.

    By the way, I think many of the claims in the book Your Body's Many Cries for Water are just absurd, but drinking more water with a little salt added to each glass as he suggests really did help my eyes.
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    Very timely subject. My eyes get very dry, and especially cause me angst at night with blurry vision. Using the various samples the eye doctor gave me has also caused some wrinkles to pop up under my eyes... weird wrinkles that go up and down. I will try the ones listed here, thanks!
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    Thanks for your help. I think using the Thera Tears is helping. Sometimes I need to use Zyrtec for the major itchies or allergies but I use a very small amount-like 1/4 or less of a pill--just enough to put some in my system.
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    I also use the homeopathic Similasan eye drops. I suffer from eye strain/dry eyes from working on computers all day. I also read a lot. The eye drops are amazing!
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    May not be related but have you also checked the humidity in the house? If you are mostly housebound that could cause dry eyes too if the humidity is too low. For me as soon as I start to get a headache or migraine and burdenend eyes it usually means the water in the can that I put out there to humidify the room is empty. Might not at all be related but something worth checking or it might help others who read this thread and overlooked that part. Hope you find a good solution for you!
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    Dry eyes occur when your tears are not able to provide adequate moisture for our eyes.This leads to the eyes drying out and becoming inflamed and irritated.Take precautions : keeping your eyes and eyelids clean and protecting them from dusty, windy and dry environment by wearing glasses, as glasses will prevent from damaging your eyes and in market their are Sunglasses suppliers that provides good quality of glasses.
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    My eye doc found that my dry eyes were a symptom of Sjogren's Syndrome. He has a new test in which he touches a sensor to the eye and inserts it into a computer. In addition to telling him just how dry one's eyes are, it tells the source of the dryness. In my case, the Sjogren's had dried up the oil glands which help produce tears. I started to develop dry mouth too. Before long, my mouth had sores and it felt as though it had been hit with a blow torch. I had never had such bone-crushing exhaustion, not even from my CFIDS/ME. Fortunately, the peptide injections stopped the Sjogren's symptoms and I'm back to wearing my contacts for 12 hrs. at a time.

    Love, Mikie