dry mouth please help?????????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by blessedmom2four, Aug 5, 2006.

  1. blessedmom2four

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    i believe it is the meds. i have been on ultracet for almost a year and everytime i ever got a rx. the generic form was a red/oarnge pill.

    i went to a diff. pharmacy 2 months ago(pills were light yellow) and as soon as i started talking them i had this really bad. i didnt put the 2 together at the time.

    last month i got the red/oarnge ones and i didnt have this happen, now i have the light yellow ones and i have dry mouth so bad i am afraid to open my mouth to talk, it feels like i ate a huge spoon of peanut butter.

    i am worried to go to church and have this happen i wont be able to talk comfortably. PLEASE ANY SUGGESTIONS.
  2. Susan07

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    In the tooth paste section are several types of OTC meds for dry mouth. Right now I use the one from Biotene, a creamy liquid, I squirt in my mouth morning and night (there is also one called Stoppers 4). I also use Biotene toothpaste for dry mouth.

    Add to that eye drops morning and night (not for red eyes) use artificial tears type. Red is for allergies and contains medication you shouldn't use on an on-going basis.

    Last but not least I have partials and can't chew gum and don't want to suck on candy - so doctor suggested I suck on a button! I bought several 1/2" buttons - clear. I use a contact case and put clean ones on the left and as I use them return them to the right side. When I've gone all through them I pour alcohol to cover then use a tea strainer to rinse them and not loose them down the drain. I've only swallowed 3 in the last two years, LOL!

    Take care,
  3. rachel432

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    to combat the dry mouth you can try sucking on hard candy or chewing gum, both help a lot.
  4. tandy

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    I just started having that super dry mouth this yr.
    I HATE IT!
    I no sooner take a drink of water and I feel dry again~??

    I'm gonna say something to my dr. because I heard it can be a symptom of Thyroid disease or Diabetes.

    I take ultram to BTW.
    and OTC tylenol.
    I don't know whats causing this???

    as if we don't have enough crap to deal with!!?
    wish I was more help to you~
  5. blessedmom2four

    blessedmom2four New Member

    thank you so much for the suggestions and the help, i love the button one, too cute...

    tell a normal that and they would think we were nuts..hehehe
  6. BlueSky555

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    I have been dealing with a dry mouth for years now. I have Thyroiditis and am on several meds for several health issues. I know I shouldn't but I drink something cold all day long.

    I am sorry you are dealing with this issue as well but was pleased to read that there is something you can get for it. All of these years and I never knew it and didn't even think about asking Dr.

    Thank you for posting this and thanks to all that responded. We learn something new everyday don't we?

    Yes, it's bad enough dealing with these issues along with everything else.

  7. lovethesun

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    because of the cold,help me for a while.I get sugar free,only 10 calories.It's a treat too!