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    Hi, Just went to a new dr. for fibro.

    Didnt like the first one, but I already knew I had fibro.

    She was asking ? about my health, And one of them was do I
    get sores in nose?

    Now that was weired because I do and my noise is dry all the time.

    Is that a sign of fibro or why did she ask me that?

    Anyone else with this problem?

    Thanks Patty
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  2. pattyholland

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    Patty, I do and have for several years. My dryness has increased this past year to mouth and eyes too, but for a few years it maily affected my nose. I do have sinus disease and allergys, but I would keep nasal sores at the entrance to my nostrils and my nose tip stays red and inflamed.

    I use antibiotic ointment and all but they keep coming back.

    I don't know why she would address that. I don't know that it's a FM thing. I always thought mouth ulcers were Lupus symptoms.

    I'm curious too to find out why she addressed that.

  4. jodboga

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    I get these at the tip of my nose , gets red and takes forever to get rid of and then its back again . Always thought it may be Lupus but never had it confirmed . If anyone else gets an answer please let me know . thanks .
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    Have you noticed any problems with your eyes being dry? Do they ever feel red or as if they have grit in them? What about your teeth? Been having any dental declines?

    I'm sorry if it appears I am being too nosy. But Sjogren's causes all these things and the dry nose was the last of my symptoms I noted. But it could easily be the first for someone else. Have you been checked for Sjogren's?
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    Hi, thanks for the replys, still not sure why the doctor ask me that ?

    Yes I do have dry eyes and sometimes feel like I have grit in them.

    How do you get tested for sjogren's?

    thanks Patty

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    There is a blood test the doctor can do. It will show things like ANA and ABA, although for the life of me, right now I cannot recall what those stand for!

    What convinced my rheumy was my elevated sed rate and something called C-Reactive Protein, which really just means that I had current inflammation going on.

    A really GOOD reumatologist will recognize that many Sjogren's patients will test negative and make note of symptoms, treat the symptoms and not write the patient off as non-Sjogren's. There are people who have Sjogren's and have had for years who still test sero-negative.

    A really good site to learn more is Sjogren's World. They also have a good message board. I hope this is some help to you. (And I really hope you don't have Sjogren's, but if you should, there are some fairly good treatments available now.) I also wish Prohealth would make a board for Sjogren's, because I think Prohealth provides the best info on the web. ;)