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    Hi all~
    I made it back from my vacation. Everything went well....it was nice and relaxing, but by the middle of the week, I was really ready to come home. It got kind of scary a few times, because I kept having bouts of false labor....sometimes lasting several hours. I was so afraid of going into labor while we were there, but thankfully, I am home now, safe and sound. I am really getting nervous now, because I am only 2 days from my due date, and I have been having so many symptoms of pre-labor. The thing that scares me the most is, I have never gone into normal labor before with any of my 3 kids. So I really don't know what to be looking for. And it is really hard to tell the difference between real and false labor.

    I am unbelievably stressed out right now. DH works in construction. Work has been really slow this year because of this economy. We managed though. He got laid off for the 1st time ever this summer a couple weeks ago (normally winter is the slower time, but he usually never gets laid off, even in the winter). It worked out because we were going on vacation anyway, and since the baby is coming, he was worried about what he'd do for time off if he had started somewhere new. So he just got a call that he is to start TOMORROW at 7 am. Same company he was with before. What will we do now when the baby comes?

    Also, our van that broke down a couple months ago when the engine blew. (I may have mentioned this before). DH and his friend managed to fix it with a $40 part, but sadly that was only temporary. It broke down again. We are trying to avoid having to buy a new engine, which will cost $3000-4000. We had to take our tiny little car on vacation which was awful. And there is no way we will get 4 kids in that car. We can't trade either of them in b/c we owe too much on them. The van is only 4 yrs old. The engine was damaged a year ago when DH got hit pretty bad by a snowplow, and the insurance co wouldn't pay to fix the crack in the engine and oil tank because they claimed the accident didn't cause the damage....that is was "normal wear and tear". So now they are trying one last thing to fix it....if they can't we don't know what we will do. And I have a Dr appt tomorrow and have no idea how I will get there or to the hospital if I need to. He will be working an hour away. I pray they fix this van today.

    And my mom and my brother and his wife got in this HUGE fight on vacation....it was HORRIBLE. And I was in the middle. This is normal in my family...it happens all the time. My mother was totally wrong, but I ended up feeling sorry for her, and I spent the last 2 days of my vacation going off alone and just crying over all this mess. Tomorrow is her b-day and my brother and his family are refusing to get together for her b-day, which I know will upset her more, but I completely understand why they are doing it. I just don't understand why everything can't just go well right now. I am just so upset.

    If you read this, thanks for listening.
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    Stopping by to say Goodluck with your labor and delivery process! your contractions should be 5 minutes apart and should be fairly intense,,and if i'm remembering right they should last for about an hour before you go to the hospitial,,,,,,That would be back in the 80's ,,,,,lolol,,I Know not funny!

    I bet the new baby will take your mind off of all the other stressers going on right now!,,,Take some deep breaths and let them out slowly!,,..Is'n't kool that the baby will be born around your Mom's birthday! The Baby will probably melt all the family problems away!

    Family disagreements happen all the time ,,but somehow work themselves out,,,at least in my family,,

    Take care and Keep us posted Dear!,,,,,,,HUgs!,,,Sis

    p.s. Ellen Degenerus (sp) gives away new cars all the time to people that need them!,,,i think it's www.ellentv.com
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    First off, I have to admit I know absolutely jack about having babies.

    I just want you to know I read your post, & am thinking of you & wishing you well!!!


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    I've truly been wondering about you sweetie and I almost put an all points bulletin for you to hopefully answer. I am glad that you got to get away and sort og have a good time but I can imagine how you must felt having some braxton hicks contractions and all being away from home. Glad you are going to the doctor tomorrow. How will yuou be getting there? Who knows, perhapos they will just tell you to stay there if all looks well. You never know.

    Sis is right about the contractions. Also, they might start as a backache and then go from there. Of course if your wataer breaks there is no mistaking that and you might want to call the doc about that time since this will be your 4th child ( I think that is what it was). My brain is mush as my mother would have said when she was alive. You also might want to take a bag eith you when you got with a few things in them. Who will be watching the kids if DH is working. Were you going to bring them with you> Is there anyone who can watch the kids if you have to go into the hospital besides calling your hubby while he is at work? I am also sure he will want to bet with you if you have to go to the hospital. Hopefully work will understand about your situation.

    I am so sorry to hear about the big fight with your mom, brother and sil. That is never pleasant but as you said, the timing really stinks. Your hormones are wacko and you never know what is going to happen and when as far as babies are concerned. Gee, it would be perfect if someone could watch the kids and DH could bring you to the doctor. Are you depending on your broken car to get you there?? Oh dear, so many stupid problems coming up at once. However, I am so glad you are home safe and sound. Hope your car gets fixed right away.

    You will be in our thoughts and prayers. Let us know when you can about your doctor visit and what is going on. Yes, as Sis said take lots of long deep breathes and let them out slowly. Try and think of happy thoughts. Are you ready for that little one, it's crib (or bassenet) , clothing and lots of diapers?

    Lots of love and hugs to you sweetie !!

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    I was thinking about you today and thought I would sign on to see if you checked in. I was so glad to see that you had!!!

    I am so glad that you were able to absorb a bit of relaxation on your vacation. I hope you had a few wonderful moments with your children--memmories to cherish as you await new life.

    Suggestions to keep the bag packed are spot on. Make sure you bring it to the doctor with you--sometimes they send you straight to the hospital. As far as recognizing labor, I was terrified of not recognizing true labor with the twins, had a few bouts of false and Braxton Hicks, but the night I went into real labor, it was unmistakeable!! And then of course, your water could break. Just hopefully not like mine with my youngest--at the nursey school Christmas party--I kid you not!

    As far as your extended family goes--TOTALLY tune them out. Shame on them for carrying on so much in the presence of a full term pregnant woman. They had to know they were upsetting you, with no regard for you or the health of your unborn child. Vacations are for relaxing, not BS. So uncalled for, but from what you have said in the past, it probably did not totally surprise you. I have someone in my family who conducts themself in a similar manner--has to always be fighting with someone and has poor relationships with all of her children. When my mom got frustrated dealing with this person, she kept asking me what I thought this person's problem was. And one day, I had a lightbulb moment, and I told my mom, the problem was with all of us--we were expecting 'normal' behavior from a person emotionally/behaviorally encapable of delivering it. Once we put her in this perspective, it became easier to deal with her.

    As far as the cars go, don't sweat it, that situation will eventually be rectified. And also, consider yourself lucky that hubby got called back to work. Try to think positive about EVERYTHING right now. That positivity will be passed on to your baby and then you can be grateful for that sweet baby's sunny disposition!! Good luck kjade!! We're all rooting for you!!

    Peace (and baby love)--Laura
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    Time has been flying by but I'm sure you are more than ready to deliver. I'm sorry so much has been going wrong. Sending up prayers for only good things for you and your family.

    Love, Mikie
  7. rockgor

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    What's due? A bill? Haha. Maybe you will name the baby Bill.

    How dysfunctional is your family? My crazy parents never improved until
    they died. And the both lived into their 80s.

    Good luck


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    Hi Kjade, i am so excited for you, 1 more day, woohoo. If you do not deliver by tomorrow are they going to induce???? I hope not, that is very painful, i know. Yikes. However, I bet you are definetly ready. Sorry for the fight your family put you in the middle of. You definelty do not need that kind of stress right now.

    Can't wait to hear that you have delivered.
  9. kjade

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    Thank you all soooooo much!! I appreciate all the advice and well-wishes like you can't imagine!

    Well, I think I am going to have the baby VERY soon! I saw my Dr this morning, and I was already 4-5 cm dilated!!!! I didn't think I would be that far along....I am pretty nervous. She asked me if I wanted to be induced today and I said no...just because I figure I will wait to see when the baby is ready, and because I don't like to be induced. She said if nothing happens in a day or 2, I could choose a day (like Friday or something) and then go in. She said it will not take long at all once they break my water anyway, and I would probably not need much pitocin, if any at that point.

    She stripped the membranes (which really hurt, btw) - she said she was going to "cause a little trouble in there". LOL. That really made me nervous, because now I am getting a lot of cramping, and I know I could go into active labor at any minute. She did tell me if my water breaks I need to rush to the hospital immediately. Now that is really scary because my husband is at work, and he is an hour away right now. I would not be able to drive myself to the hospital if something happened, and I have my kids at home with me. I can always drop them off at the sitter's (she is only 5 min away) or call my SIL who could be here in 15 min.

    The Dr also said the head is down now and engaged which means this baby is ready to be born! I just hope he/she holds off until DH gets home. My father-in-law would come immediately to watch the kids if we need him to, but DH is borrowing his car (no, they weren't able to get our other car fixed yesterday - they had ordered the wrong part).

    Soooooooooooo, now I am just waiting. I have everything ready, for the most part. I just need to get a bag packed really quick, and choose an outfit for the baby to come home in. Everything else is just minor stuff.

    I am really excited and happy, and doing my best to remain positive. If I hear anything about all the drama in the family, I am just tuning it all out right now...it has nothing to do with me. But thanks all again! I will be sure to update if/when I go to the hospital!

    Wish me luck!! :]
  10. sisland

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    It's so exciteing!!,,, to be going through this process with you!!,,,sending you HUgs and prayers!,,,,,Sis
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    Don't be afraid to be induced. I have had that a few times. It would be great for you as then you would have someone to watch the kids and a ride to the hospital all lined up. When they induce they just break your watera and wait a bit . If nothing much happends they give you some Pitocin. Then, usually things starat to happen pretty quickly.

    I am so excited for you. Make sure you have a case packed withyour clothes and your baby stuff in a separate little baggie inside your case, so that will be all set. DH;s do not always know where stuff is especially in a time of excitement like that. Get as ready as you can cause you never know. After the doc poked around inside you today and caused a little excitement , be ready !! Hopefully, it will be when your DH is home.

    Just let us know when you can after the birth. Try not to panic or get to excited. You will be fine !!! We all will be waiting to hear sweetie !!


  12. lilaclover30

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    I'm so excited for you! A brand new life is waiting to meet you, his/her mommy!

    GD was induced 3 times and never minded it. She chose her own birthday for Arabella's arrival. Doubly exciting. With the first, she had a shot and told to sleep, get u p in a.m. and shower and get rready for baby! Well, she didn't follow orders, she had her in the middle of the night. Daddy took GD's picture right after birth and she was all smiles!

    Be sure to HURRY and get those things ready! The date is tomorrow!!!!

    Make a phone call or two to get sitter, etc. arranged. You don't want to have a panic time when you know that it's NOW!!

    Our love and best wishes to both you and that little tiny baby waiting to arrive. we love it already.

    We hope to hear from you soon/

    Hugz and our love and best wishes to a happy arrival.


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    This is so exciting. A new little miracle is about to arrive.

    Difficult as it may be, please try to push out of your mind all the negative events you've been forced to endure lately and focus on this beautiful event ahead.
    My first only chose to arrive the morning after the dr. stripped the membrane. I was 2 weeks overdue. My second was induced because he was becoming a moose and was 1 week overdue. I would do either method again in a heartbeat just to finally get to meet them.

    Sending you positive energy,


    P.S. OOPS - just re-read my post and realized that I'd told you to "PUSH all the negative thoughts, etc."

    Please do not PUSH until you're safely in the hospital.[<i>This [This Message was Edited on 07/21/2009]
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    Thank you ladies! I changed the title of my thread, since TODAY is my due date.

    Well, nothing happened last night, like I thought it would. I was hoping I would be in labor by morning, and NOTHING. Not even any small contractions or anything. I am really torn about what to do.

    I had to be induced with all 3 of my kids. 2 of them because my water had broken. 1 of them b/c he was late, and I was already dilated to 4 cm. I am thinking I will need to be induced again. With my history, I don't start to really dilate until I am induced with Pitocin, and that is what I was HOPING to avoid this time. I know though that once they get things going, it is going to happen really fast. Especially after what happened with my daughter. (went from 5 cm to 10 in 15 minutes! and had no time for epidural or anything).

    So I have to make a decision. I can either wait until the baby lets me know when it's time, or I can just go to the hospital and go through with the induction. I am scared, because I just keep thinking about my last labor, and I don't want to go through that kind of pain again. I don't know....maybe my fears are stopping this labor from happening.

    Now DH is at work again, and my SIL won't be able to drive me today b/c her car is being fixed, and my FIL is 45 min away. DH told me last night to just go and "get it over with". LOL. I think he is more stressed than I am!! I have been up since 5 am and trying to decide what to do. It's so hard just waiting around like this.
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    Wow, wow, OH wow!!!

    This is SO massively COOL!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good luck!!!!!!

  16. fibromickster

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    I can't give you any advice girlie, this has to be up to you. Gosh what a decision to make, but whatever you decide, i am so excited for you and can't wait to hear about it. You are so lucky to be having another little one, boy what i wouldn't do to have another little one around the house.

    I am so excited for you honey, good luck and my prayers are with you every step of the way.

    Love ya, MIckey
  17. Granniluvsu

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    nothing like down to the wire !!! Of course it is up to you sweetie. However, I would think in your cause with the children to consider and transportation to get to the hospital and all, you might want to think a few more times about getting induced . This way you will not have to worry about transportation, your husband not being home, etc.

    Hope everything is ready for the baby when it comes and you are packed. I am sure it is aggravating and nerve racking just waiting when you know you are READY. COME ON BABY !!!. All mine were a little early or induced.

    Just know that all of us are thinking of you. All will go well, I know and we are waiting to find out all about him/ or HER !!! I just LOVE NEW little babies.

    Bye for now. Just wanted to olet you know I was thinking about you too.


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  18. jole

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    The very best of luck and prayers to you and your new little miracle.

    Everything else will be just fine...everything has a way of working out.

    All my love and best wishes. ***Jole***
  19. sisland

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    Yes dear ,,Goodluck in whatever you decide to do!,,The Baby's arrivial will make everything wonderful!,,,,HUgs and prayers!,,,sis
  20. springwater

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    Good Luck....keep doing your breathing exercises and think happy loving thoughts....all of us here so excited.....it seems like we are all awaiting labour with you..hahahaha.

    Prayng for a good safe easy delivery....

    God Bless