dumb question- can you get into a neuro without referral?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lenasvn, Feb 3, 2006.

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    Since I can't seem to find a doc. who will refer me and I don't want to spend another few years searching for a jewel in the pig**** (a decent doc) to get a referral, maybe there's another way? What is it about docs not caring about neck and back pain, I guess in perticuar in women of the good'ol pre-menopause group(yeah, the hypochiondriac ones!). Just searching for options. LOL!
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    You should be able to call and make an appointment without a referral. I have a PPO and can self-refer anywhere I like to any type of specialist. HMO's usually require a referral. If you are private pay, they will require payment at time of visit and will probably tell you upfront on the telephone what the cost will be.
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    We have an insurance plan through my husband's work and we don't need to get referrals. We just go. Of course, if I needed to see a specialist, I would probably want the opinion of my family doc. He is out of my network now, so I guess I won't be seeing him very often. The main doc I see is my endocrinologist, every 3 months.

    When I was having neck and headaches my ex-family doc sent me to have a CAT Scan and it was negative. She thought I had some sort of sinus problem.
    Then next it was to a neurologist and I had an MRI and that was negative for any problems.

    Do you have to have a referral to see a specialist with your type of insurance?

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    Faye and Msmoody, yes I am unfortunately under the Medicaid (State) insurance right now, so I can't sneeze without asking for permission. I wasn't sure if it depends on WHO you go to, and so on. I feel so trapped! Thank you all, for replies. Many hugs!
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    yes, i had cervical spine problems for years with neurological manifestations that have worsend with time. However, the pain is less than before, I believe I "ached out". I will try the ER version if I get a chance (pain). thanks for the tip. Maybe even an MRI right there, even better!
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    Well I don't know much about Medicaid, but I I don't understand why your doc won't give you a referral to a neurologist if you ask him.

    I saw the neurologist for about 3 or 4 times and the first few times he was a nice as anyone you would ever want to meet. When he found out I had FMS, he became very arrogant with me because I asked him for meds for pain. He gave me an Rx of 20 Percocets. He told me I should see another type of specialist that he didn't deal with FMS.

    I have never seen him since then. When my family doc gave me an Rx for 20 Percs he actually wrote a letter to the neurologist to tell him not to give me anymore of them. I couldn't believe that he would think I would be getting pain meds from more than one doc.

    How would that work anyway since I have all my meds go through my insurance?

    I've never seen a rheumy either. The pain specialist I saw wasn't worth the drive (30 minutes) to see him either and I saw that jerk for 9 months before he fired me. At least I got him to give me Xanax to help relax my muscles. This guy was a real piece of work. He said I had FMS, told me to lose weight, and yet said he didn't believe in FMS and that he would not give me anything for pain (meds).

    BTW, you look lovely in your photo. :)

    I have had acupuncture, massages, PT, none of it really helped me. The best thing was my ex-family doc who started me on Prozac and Arthrotec, and now the family doc in the same group refills my Xanax, and finally last year I got a decent amount of Lortabs for the pain.

    I have chronic back pain and yet nothing has ever shown up for that. Mostly get flares in my neck/upper back/shoulders/face/chest muscles.

    I also use the Coenzyme Q10 from the Pro Health store, but it is expensive. It works to help me from needing so much sleep at night.

    I wish you all the luck in the world. If you have anymore questions, just ask away. It is so hard to find a good doc to give you meds. I am continuing to see my family doc even though as of this year he is out of network with my insurance. I'll have to pay out of pocket, submit claims to the insurance company, have a $400 deductible and then they will pay 75% of the balance. The only reason I am staying with him is because he will refill the meds I need. The next time I see him, I don't know if I'll get the Lortabs or not. They have really helped me when I was in terrible pain, though.

    If you can find a good doc, stay with him. I know how hard all of this is.

    Good luck to you!