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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Dec 17, 2005.

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    So I am not so smart about overdoing things and then I really PAY for this over doing.

    My husband and I went to Odgen about a hours dirve fromour house and drives make my legs go stiff when I go to stand up after sitting for that long and they just are slow to work right and it is really painful. But as is christmas time and we were doing two things at once shopping and spending time with our daughter and our grandson who is 8 months old.

    Theprobmen is that I walked from one end of the Newgate Mall to the other twice, and if that were not enough I stood in lines to get the things we were getting. So I would play with my grandson and he was in the other grandma arms when out of teh blue he threw him self at me with his arms out reached so he could get me. And when I grabbed him so that he would not fall I felt some ting pop in my back and I had this rush of electrical shocks go from my low back down to my toes and it still is hurting.

    I got him in my arm and sloowly let him slide to the floor and the little brat LOL started to crawl away and here I am limping and walking like a duck over him so that no one would step on him and he thought is was great but it was hard to keep up with a 8 month old baby. Finall his grandpa my hubby came and picked him up and he was happy again. Trying to rip his grandpa's beard off he thinks it is so funny and laughs at it.

    WE were on the way to the next store and I was hurting so badly and could not take my soma as I would not function well walking after taking it.As I walked in to the store there was a row of chairs and I sat in one of them and let everyone else shopp and look for things for the baby and I was hurting so badly that a woman who was working at the store asked me if i was ok because I had no color in my face at all and I was sweating so hard that i was dripping down my face.

    She wanted to call the ambluance and I said I just needed to rest and I would be fine. But truthfully I was beginning to wonder what this trip is going to cost me in pain and stiffness and am I going to be able to walk at all tomorrow?

    Before the next & last store we wer going to I took a pain pill and again there was chair with a lady from the store in it and I asked her if I could sit in her chair for a moment and she looked at me and jumped up { She was in her late 60's and I am 49} and let me sit in the chair. I was embarrassed by how I looked and the amount of pain I was and still am in and when I get tired adn in that pain that is more than I can cope with I get all emotional and cry. She looked at me and put her arms around me and told me taht all would be o k if I just letl god be with me.

    And she said that she knew that all I had to do was to put my faith in to god and I would be healed , I must have loked like ya rihgt with what I have you don't get better you get worse. She told me that she was dx'ed with lupus and was told that she would die from it as it was so bad and that was over 38 years ago. She went on telling me that when she heard this she just gave up on life and waited for this to take her away and then she felt like she should be doing something about how she felt and started being in charge of the lupus not the other way around. And she is doing great.

    She didi how ever made me promise that I would not shop anymore today adn that I would go home and takke a hot bath and rest and not do anything for a few days and give my body a chaaance to heal the damage I did today. I Promised that I would do that and themn she helped me out to the car that my hubby had brought to the door and let me tell you that woman could not have weighed more than 150 & I wiegh far more than that but she had a death grip on my arm so she could hold me up and I have the bruise to prove it all around my upper arm.

    I took my soma in the car onthe way home adn after my hot bath I did think I maight live but now I am thinking that this may set off a flare as we are having a snow storm and weather changes all week end & in to next week.
    Here is the dumb question ? Have you ever had the feeling that your body is going to flare on you & this is going to be a bad flare for me. Has this happened to you? I got this feeling after I got in to the suburen that the pain I am in is nothing to what I wil be in for the next few weeks I have a burning feeling in my back and it goes into my things, hips and knees.

    Going home this drive was differnt from the one when we went down to shopp I was in so much pain that my body was shaking , like all my muscles were shaking on their own ,twiching and twisting too. I felt and stil dol that this is not my body I lost mine some where today and can't find it, I am scared about how I feel as I have never felt this way before as my back is in so much pain that I have tears running down my face, what have I done to my self?

    Have I pulled a muscle? Or just twisted wrong with the baby, the only thing I know that is the pain i have right now is not the usual pain I had all the time. And my meds are not working as I am stil awake . I have laid down to sleep as I am just so tired but so sleep will come to me laying down only made my pain worse and I am so scared about this , OH what did I do? Have I set off a flare from hades or what?

    What do I do now? I can't lay down as the pain just shoots from my low back in to my thighs ,hips, and knees. It also burns to the touch and that has never happend to me before.Oh what did I do to me? Is this a sign that I will flare and it wil be a bad one? Please help me with this. Did I do something I should not have done and now I am paying for it ? I am going to take another soma as I have only had 1 today and then I am going to go back to bed adn try to sleep. I haev some pillows for under my knees to see if it will help ease this horendious pain I am in. Oh my oh my what did I do to me? I am crying as I just can't take this apin all voer my body. the wrist that I shattered a year and a half ago the soft tissue is swollen twice it's size and it is so painful to the touch.

    I just have a bad feeling that I did something that I should not have done. Please help me with this? Have you felt like this before or am I all alone with this?

    I must go as this sitting is causingmore pain for me and I can't cope anymore with this pain and that scares me as there is nothing that can be done to ease this pain. Our ER does not treat chronic pain patients well and they would take one look at the narcotic meds I take MSContin, MSIR, soma, visterail, xanax, & valium & I would be sent home while being told that they don't have anything stonger than what I am taking so go home and there is nothing we can do for you. What do i do now?

    So very worried about this and scared too. Please help me if you can your thought and prayer too but let me knwo if this has happend to you?
    VEry frightened,
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    like a shopping centre we have here???
    in the uk most shopping centres have scooters that you prebook,why not look into it?

    i would see a dr as there was a definate moment when it all started. and as for lupus its a strange and amazing illness in that one day it will affect an organ and the next your skin the next your muscles its mad and outrageous but yes she may have been told the outlook wasnt good but its likely the lupus just eased off from what was endangering her life or ceased to be active. in lupus it can die down to such an extent a blood test will come back negative but a wekk later you will have a positive one.

    im sorry to say this to you but god doing it???? i dont think so this is a large and complex illness and if there was a god to make her better she wouldnt have been ill and neither would we.
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    Sounds like just a horrible time for you. Thank goodness for that last lady. How kind of her.

    Yes, I've have had that feeling before of "what have I done to myself". And yes, sometime it really does lead to a terrible herx.

    I have had to go without some of my meds in the last 3 weeks because of an allergic reaction. The latest one I had to stop was the sleeping med. Well, the first night I slept about 4 hrs., then 1 1/2 the second night and maybe 2 the third night. I told my dh that I was about to get up and take the whole damned bottle!

    I took it last night, and set off the hives again, but I don't care! I was at the point where I just needed to get some sleep. I did, but not enough. My body aches all over from trying to sleep on the couch, in the bed, on the couch...the previous three nights.

    I'm calling my LLMD tomorrow and telling him that he needs to give me something else to sleep or I will continue to take the other one - and I don't care if I get hives! I don't think you can die from those. I NEED SLEEP to function.

    Have you tried taking a warm bath for your aches? Sometimes you don't think you can even sit in a tub, but once you're in, it's worth it. My favorite part of the week is the days that I get to go to a salt-water, heated pool. I feel just so WELL while I'm in there. No aches and pains.

    Good luck to you and hope you feel better.
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    You certainly did overdo it but i think we all are guilty of that ...especially this time of year. It really sounds to me like you have perhaps herniated a disc in the back when you grabbed your grandson. I have done that before (twice) and the pain is excruciating. You would need an mri to confirm that. I think our muscles that normally hold our spines in good alignment are much weaker thus causing problems like yours....So do go to the er if its unbearable and tell them about the specific incident that caused the initial shooting pain....best of luck.. let us know how you are

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