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    ok - hi everyone!

    my 13 yo daughter is having a blood test done for LD - the details are in another post I wrote earlier this month.

    she is on the 5th week of antibiotics. and the pediatrician wanted to run a blood test for LD.

    i didn't worry about which kind of test b/c my understanding is that it's too early for anything to show up on a test anyway. the mysterious bite she received was in early may and she's been on meds ever since.

    so - here is my question. i know that if the test comes back negative, that i shouldn't rule out the possibility of LD. but what if this first test comes back postive - - as in this: the result could be a false negative, but is a postive result always postive or could it be a false positive - - does that happen?

    and then what would be our next step if it's positive?

    you can read our story - i think the post is called "do i just hope for the best?"

    thanks, lisa
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    You can only get a "false positive" if the following applies:

    syphillis (I am assuming your 13 yo daughter would be ruled out!)

    periodontal disease (pretty severe)

    you got the lyme vaccine before it was pulled

    Other than that, it would like getting a "false positive" on a pregnancy test. Either you have anti-bodies or you don't.

    Many labs that do not "specialize" in LD are not sensitive enuf to pick up the bands. That is why Igenex is always touted, right now they are about as good as it gets.

    All 4 of my family members have gotten igenex LD tests, 2 were positive, one even CDC positive, 2 were reactive on a few of the important bands specific to LD. My husband is asymptomatic for the most part right now, and is not receiving treatment.

    So, rest assured that Igenex does not provide only positive test results. They are more likely to give you positive bands, only b/c their testing is more sensitive.

    So, false negative is common with most every other test except Igenex, but false positive can only happen w/ the above circumstances.

    Get the right testing done, and post the reults.

    Don't "hope for the best" with this stuff. Be proactive and insist on the testing you need to rule things in or out.

    BTW~ not one of us remembers a tick bite or had a rash. Over 50% of the ppl do not.

  3. anchor

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    thanks for the info. i will get the results monday and will further question them on the specific test they ran.

    also - i am wondering if the antibodies of lyme would even show up this early?

    if she was infected, it would have been since a bite at the beginning of may and yes, she did have the bullseye rash.

    would it show up this early thru bloodwork?

    also - how EXACTLY does one find a LLMD? i live near sacramento.

    i do feel like i am being proactive, although i am a little lost as to what the next step is after the 6 week treatment of meds - that's what i mean about 'hoping' - she can't be on meds the rest of her life, so i am just hoping that we killed it in her body and that it doesn't affect her later in life.


    thanks again for any more info.
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    My LLMD says the bull's eye rash is a positive marker for Lyme Disease all on it's own. If she had the rash, she has Lyme Disease. No matter what the test results are.

    The testing may be problematic because your daughter is on the antibiotics. As I understand it, the proper procedure is to stay off the antibiotics for 2 weeks before testing.

    I'm not sure what impact the antibiotics will have on the result of the tests -- more likely to show positive or negative.

    I'd suggest trying to get her in to see a LLMD, whatever the test results turn out to be.

    Wishing you and your daughter all the best,
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    I believe Bunny and others addressed your question quite well.

    Lymenet.org may be helpful in finding you an LLMD. You leave

    them your email addy and zip code and they will return within

    a day or so with Docs in your area. I'd use the 95926 or

    95928 zip if you don't find a Doc in Sacramento. These other

    two zips are in Chico, Butte Co. That may be one of the

    closest to you as I know of at least two Docs in Butte Co.

    who deal with Lyme. One was instrumental in identifying

    and treating my Daughter's Lyme 14 years ago! Personally,

    I'd refrain from having a Lyme test until the Antibiotics

    have "worn off" allowing any antibodies time to more likely

    present themselves. I can help you find the Doc's in Butte

    Co. if you don't locate them yourself. By rules here, we

    are not allowed to name Docs on this site protecting both

    they and the site. Please stay in touch!


    P.S. Lisa, the "dumb questions" here, are the ones that
    aren't asked! "K"??

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