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    I havent been on the site for months. In mid July, I was informed my 5 year old marriage was 'over', had been for quite a while, and i needed to move (i didnt own house/paid for 1/2 bills). so, heartbroken and terrified i found an apartment for me and my 17 tear old son and moved 2 weeks later. i had sold my cafe sept '07, went back to part-time nursing in a doc's office 1/08 and filed for bankruptcy 6/08.
    my treatment for my FM had been guaifenesin protocol, battling to stop eating foods i was allergic to (SUGAR, wheat, dairy, corn) with a food addiction problem, twice a month massage and trying to sleep more and exercise (unsuccessfully). my nodules were much better and i ached less but the fatigue was unpredictable and wicked.

    now, wow!. it's better. still doing the above and am a little better with the food (sugar exhausts me, i can not emphasize enough how much worse i feel after i eat any form of it, cane, high fructose corn syrup... (except honey and real maple syrup in small amounts). BUT, i have started walking more and more. first, slowly, and then more and more. and, started beginners yoga...YOGA is GREAT!! and, THE DECREASE IN STRESS FROM A RELATIONSHIP that never really felt safe in the sense I knew in my heart of hearts it could end anytime and my son wasnt treated great plus getting through the shame of bankruptcy and the loss of the cafe...all this has really helped me feel SO MUCH BETTER!

    i am not saying this disease is not a physical/medical condition but i believe we are trapped in a vicious cycle and cascade of onset event, sleeplessness, pain, anxiety, pain, fear, fatigue, exhaustion, loss of restorative sleep, pain, negative muscle response to pain with spasms and nodule formation, relationship changes, anxiety, mis-diagnosis, mis-medication, adrenal fatigue, weight gain, depression, chronic fatigue, thyroid dysfunction, estrogen flucuations, , fasciitis that leads to cystitis, endometriosis, irritable bowel.......
    the key is to treat the cycle early. try and know the event...?infection, injury? life event? and get correct treatment. find a doc who will treat symptoms early to stop the cascade and TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES...
    if i had had the strength to leave the relationship earlier, how much less stress would my body have had to go through? if my ego would have let me the sell the cafe earlier? if i had been able to tuck in and allow myself to care for my wounded self earlier? if i had found open minded docs earlier?
    if i had worked harder to avoid the allergy foods?

    we can have a lot of control of this disease but it will come from sites like this that support us and knowing that each of us deserves those around us to be kind and caring and to be strong enough to say...i will not let you dismiss me or my symptoms or I am important enough and valuable enough to deserve to be loved well and i will not stay (forever) in a relationship that doesnt care for me or allow me to care for myself.

    i wish everyone a good nights sleep...
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    It seems you've been through hell, I'm glad you are an upward curve. What you've stated all makes sense. Thanks for sharing;)

    Good Luck!!!
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    Your last paragraph is absolutely correct!!!! You do deserve to be in a relationship where someone cares about you and is kind.... You sound like a wonderful person and I am happy you are able to move forward. You have just shown your son what it take to be strong..

    Stay well... Cindy
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    Congratulations and nice job for your hard work to feel better and take care of yourself.

    Hard decisions are sometimes the most needed and provide the best benefits.