Duragesic (Fentinal) Pain Patch??????

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    I want to know people's experiences with the Duragesic (Fentinal) Pain Patch. I have been taking ultram. We doubled the does to 100mg 4 times a day and I am still in pain. I am trying to find out if I could still work and function on the Patch. I would like to find something that can keep me on an even level through out the day...mainly at work.
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    I find that the patch for me gives me very little side effects. Its truly a wonder for me. I love it! I still have to take some oxycodone for breakthrough pain, but the patch does the job for the most.
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    It was the best thing I ever had. I felt like myself again. However I couldn't afford $300.00 for five of them. They lasted fifteen days. Good luck, Sheila
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    I've been on the patch now for maybe about five months, mine are the lowest dose, 25. I have had no side affects except sometimes I will get a rash where the adhesive has been on my skin, but I get that from any tape, band aids, etc. At first the patch really helped me, especially during the daytime, I don't feel it made me sleepy or tired feeling. Lately though I have noticed I'm taking more of the oral medication for break through pain. I was hoping that I would be able to stop the oral meds. It could be that since I'm on the lowest dose I'm not getting that much pain control from it. It's worth trying though. I would try just about anything to help you to keep working, being on disability when you are used to working is not much fun.

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    I have been diagnosed with this DD for 12-14 months and have had it for 18-24 months. Last year at this time I was hurting so bad the only thing I could do was lay around and sleep. My Doc tried several different meds and some helped some did not. He has kept my med intake very low I feel, anyway he had me try oxycodone which did not work at all then oxycontin which made every thing feel close to normal. He has always been great about listening to me and my wife on what was working and not working. I had taken this and Percocet for quite a while. My wife has a friend in KC MO that is on the patch and asked if I had tried it. We talked to my doc and he said it would be worth a try. This has been the best thing in the world for me. Although the oxyconin and percocet was working great they did have there side effects. I started on 25 mcg, and it helped but still had pain, went to 50 mcg and it made a very big difference. After being on this dose for a while I had to keep taking the oxycontin and percocet more and I did not like the effects of them so I asked about a stronger one. He bumped it up to 75 mcg and this worked for a long time and I became more active and was doing things I had not done for a year. However with doing more I had more pain, he increased it to the 100 mcg about 2 months ago and I very seldom take any oxycontin or percocet and I am more active than I have been since this began. In my opinion this is the best drug I have taken for this DD. I have not taken oxycontin or percocet in over a week and I have absolutely NO side effects. I would highly recommend this to anyone and everyone, if they have half of the response as I have had they will love this medicine.

    I have a friend that has other problems that is taking an enormous amount of pain medicines that called me a while back and I told him that I wished he would tell his doc that he would like to try these. I have not heard back from him yet, but his doc is one that wants to send him to a specialist to change his meds. He has so many bad side effects from the other pain meds that he cannot function very well. I have told him over and over that it would be worth a try and if his doc had to send him to a specialist to get this done then he should do it, or switch docs. I know my doc would take him as a patient.

    Sorry this is so long but I wish everyone could try these and have as good as luck with them as I do.

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