Duragesic patch and guai

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    I am going to my doctor next week(I can only see him every 3 months) and I want to ask to try another pain med. I have been using vicodin daily for 3 years and it just isn't working anymore. He already said he will not give me any stronger meds but I keep seeing this patch mentioned and I can't find out what is in it. If you know what it is and if it would be ok with the guai protocol please let me know.I have alot to try and cover on this visit but the main thing is getting the pain under control. Local pain doc was of no help ....he doesnt use narcotics. I may have to go to big city if this doctor won't help me. I am so exhausted from the pain and fatigue that goes with it.I so appreciate any info you may know.......Kathleen
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    I don't take Guai or use the patch, but am just bumping your post up, it was on the second page, this board is moving like a train lately.

    I sure hope you get some help soon, you sound like you are feeling so bad. Take care, and lots of luck with the doctor.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    bumping up
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    I am so sorry that you have been in so much pain. Do you think it's the Guai causing it? You can always cut down on the dose if you need to for a while until your system gets caught up a little.

    Ask your doc for a list of the ingredients. Duragesic is a synthetic substance, Fentanyl, so at least it doesn't contain any botanicals, but that doesn't necessarily mean it doesn't contain sals. Usually, though, if a substance contains sals, it appears somewhere in the name, although, Fentanyl probably isn't the chemical name of the substance. If your doc cannot help you, ask the pharmacist or e-mail Claudie at Dr. St. Amand's website.

    Good luck and I hope you can get some relief for your pain.

    Love, Mikie

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    hi kathleen! I seem to remember you going on the guai about the same time as me (sept?) so i hope i can help. The duragesic patch is fentanyl, often used in anesthesia, and delivers a constant dose of medicine over 72hrs,(theoretically-actually lasts about 62 hrs). 25micrograms/hr is usually the starting dose although for people who are used to narc. meds, can start at 50/ My first week was pure heaven--i was pain free, had endless energy,etc. HOWEVER--i very quickly built up tolerance, by 4-5wks it felt as if my 25's were placebos with NO med in them.Doc put me on 50's, built up tolerance to that quickly too, plus i was getting "stupid" and not realizing it, and very groggy-thought i had narcolepsy and was drifting off at work and while driving. tried to go back to 25's and was like sticking on a bandaid! My pain doc said "you are getting too tolerant too quickly, and wasn't helping much anymore any how" (besides-he went to a conference that discouraged it!)so gave me some vicodins and said to wean myself off SLOWLY. I did it too fast and it was AWFUL--alot of rebound pain, severe,diarrhea, unable to eat or drink,unable to move off the couch, simply bathing was a 3-4hr ordeal. I lost 25 pounds in a week (i did need to lose it though) and was even in er for severe heart palpitations. My brain turned to mush and i couldn't even read a newspaper or use computer for 2 weeks.I stopped the guai because i was trying to decrease the pain without pain meds (plan to restart it though, felt it was helping-Mikie says to just decrease dose to start). So--it was good for awhile but not worth the withdrawal--maybe you can try backing down the guai a bit? My mom has been on duragesic for back problems and has SEVERE depression and mental dullness, wants to come off but i don't want her to do it like me--she may need a rehab center. Good luck-sorry so lengthy. Laurie
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    My pain decreased again significantly since being on the Klonopin. I never thought about it until I saw a little blurb on our Home Page that a new study is being conducted to see whether Klonopin disrupts the pain signals in the brain. It was prescribed for anxiety/panic attacks, but it has also helped with sleep, tinnitus, and sensory overload.

    The ZMA that I originally bought at Vitamin World blocked the Guai, but the one sold here doesn't not mention that magnesium extracted from veggies is an ingredient, so I'm going to try it. If nothing else, taking Epsom Salt soaks and taking magnesium supplements is a big help for pain too.

    Love, Mikie