duragesic patch? how many onit? were you on narcotics before ?

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  1. griswoldgirl

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    just curious. I am on narcotics and would like to do with out constipation which is only my real issue and the fact that the meds do not work as well as they did.

    any info you can give me on the patch would be helpful, I see my pain doc next week and want to talk to him about it. I have heard it is a last resort type thing after narcotics of other nature have not worked? I also have heard it is better for you because it goes right into bloodstream ,bypassing liver etc???

    any input welcome

  2. turtis

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    i am on duragesic and still take vicodin 10 for breakthrough pain. duragesic is fentanyl a man made narcotic but my pharmacist said that it is not an opiate. it is very strong from what i have read 75 to 100 times stronger than morphine that is why the dosage is so small. but it has done wonders for me. i dont suffer from constipation becuse i have ibs and have diarrhea and the narcotic and the patch just help it to be somewhat normal. i dont know how people that have the constipation problem with IBS resopond but i hope i have helped you a little and i am not rambling on too bad . good luck with your appointment!

  3. lin21

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    I was given the patch a few weeks ago by my m.d. after reading all the side effects I was actually afraid to try it.
    Last week being in a terrible flare I decided to give it a go and it did help and I was fine but it did knock me out for 4 hours. I thought everything would be okay.
    You keep it on for 72 hours . Well the next morning when I woke up all of a sudden I had every symptom, terrible dizziness, nauseous, it was horrible, I felt like a drug addict. I finally ripped it off my arm. I have an appoint ment next week and I will tell my doctor what happened and I doubt I will use it again.

  4. griswoldgirl

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    i was on something called avinza which worked great no side effects then my insurance company now will only cover it at 50% big changes in benefits as of jan 1, 2003--I am thinking I am worth the money and going back on ot-one pill a day and it is time realeased synthetic morphine, no drowsiness or anything just relief. I went back on the other due to finances, but I cannot stand the side effects anymore so I will figure it out with my pain doc this week

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    Bumping up, looking for better pain relief