duragesic patch.....I know probably overkill, but new to me!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by doxygirl, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. doxygirl

    doxygirl New Member

    I just started on the duragesic patch......I will be using it as my primary "long" acting pain medication...I have used other pain medications but have grown tired of constantly having to take something because it is always wearing off throughout the day

    Overall, Iam not having too many problems....a little nausea and irritation at the patch site....

    My Dr says that the patch does not last three days like the instructions say..so I will be changing it every two days....

    I would be so greatful and happy:),.....if those of you that have used the patch would tell me about your experiences...rather it negative or positive:)

    I will be so happy to get back on a pain regimine that is less trouble and more effective...Iam hoping the patch does this for me.....

    Thank you friends for your input!:)

  2. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    I was just wondering what kind of patch (fentanyl?) you will be using for the pain?

    It sure is nice seeing you back! I've missed you!
  3. PHR

    PHR New Member

    I have been on the patch for 3 years..now on 75mg. I have wondered if I could change it every 2 days. It does not last 3 days. I have had a lot less pain and I can tell when it is time to change. My pain level goes back down after I change it.

    Good luck!

  4. Leaknits

    Leaknits New Member


    I know, you asked for input from people who are already using the patch and I'm not, also haven't, but I have a question if that's alright.

    Were you having not-enough-sleep issues before going to the patch, I mean waking up because pain maskers were wearing off and you were waking up in capital P Pain?

    The reason I ask is that pain-increase might be what's making what passes for sleep here really be more like too short and too shallow-level naps.
    Duck er uh Doc says "If you want your pain med increased I can't do that; your insurance won't let me, I'll have to put you on the duragesic patch."

    Of course I called the insurance Plan D, a non-beauty called HealthNet Orange, and was told he was mistaken, that he could order up whatever amount of pain med he thought I needed... no need to jump me from what's current to the patch.
    I've talked one-to-one (as best as they could talk,that is) with people on the patch. Poor things, they mostly couldn't string two words together and have either one make any sense, plus they were WEAVING while trying to stand upright, eyelids drooped to half-staff...I had to try hard to remember the Everybody's Different rule.

    Wow am I ever glad that the Uh Oh's you have noticed through use of the patch are not so bad as some I've seen; congrats to you.

    Anyway I hope you don't mind my asking the pretty much None Of My Business questions of you regarding sleep/pain.

    T I A,
  5. caffey

    caffey New Member

    I am on the patch 150mcg. I have been on it for a couple of years. I change my patch every 2 days. My pain guy says some people get to about 6 months of use and then have to switch to every 2 days. He said it is one of those things. He says some people have to change them every day. Anyway I find I have much better pain control than pills. The only problem I have is in the summer when I perspire a lot and I have a bit of trouble with them sticking. Over all I am very pleased with the patch. No side effects. Make sure you change the sites everytime you change the patch. One more thing as an FYI I have several other health issues and several times I have landed in emerg in a crisis. So I have learned to put the patch on my chest so they will see it right away. It is amazing the number of nurses who don't know what the patch is for.
    All the best.
  6. dragon06

    dragon06 New Member

    My mom has been on the patch (fentanyl) for the last 5 years and it has been a godsend for her. She changes it every 2 days. She can tell when she needs to change it if she forgets but the beginning signs are not too bad. The patch has given her back her life. She can go out, go to church, have a lunch out, do some crafts and so on, before the patch she was bedridden almost.

    I am currently on Oxycontin for my FM but I know there will be a day when I will have to go on the patch. I am not scared or worried about that day at all because I see what good it has done for my mom.

    And about the nausea, after your body gets used to the med it should go away and if not then you may need to adjust the dosage with your doctor.
  7. Beadlady

    Beadlady Member

    any clue about the patch, but just wanted to say--nice to see you back here again.

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